How Can I See Who Blocked Me On Instagram?

How Can I See Who Blocked Me On Instagram?

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Instagram has a huge popularity with its millions of users today. As it is getting popular day by day, some problems are also increasing. One of those problems is that disturbing of users. Some users may disturb people. So, there is an option to block them. Of course, someone may block you without any reason or just because he wants. In this article, we will explain how to see blocked users on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let you know who blocked you or those who you blocked. Since they are so strict to the privacy, they don’t allow such actions. However, you can see who blocked you with using third-party apps. There is an app on Google Play Store which allows users to see who blocked them on Instagram. The app is instafollow for Instagram. You can download the app for free. But, if you want to see who blocked you on Instagram you need to pay some price. You can find the free version of the app on the internet if you don’t want to pay.

See Those Who Blocked You On Instagram

When you download the app and open it, go to blockers menu and you can easily see those who blocked you on Instagram. Besides, you can see those who unfollowed you or don’t follow.

How To Block Someone On Instagram

In order to block someone on Instagram, first, go to his profile. Tap three dots that are in the top-right of the screen. Then you will see “Block the user” option. When you tap it, the user will be blocked. This action is reversible so that if you want to unblock that user you can do it easily. Just go to his profile again and unblock him.

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One of the things that upset us most on social media is being blocked by a user we follow. Especially if this person is someone we love, we’re more sad. But sometimes we have to block people we don’t know. We often do this on Instagram. The blocking feature really works good and is a very necessary add-on. Sometimes we want to know who is blocking us. So, do you know solution for how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram? We will tell you how to learn it without using any applications.

First, let us explain the simple and practical method of blocking someone that you don’t want on Instagram. Just search the profile that you want to block, find him/her, tab on 3 points at top right side and click to ” Block”. That is all! The user you blocked will never be able to write to you again, see the content you share, and send you a DM. To unblock the use, you need the follow the same way. Go to profile-> Tab to 3 points for settings -> Unblock the user!

Did Anybody Block You on Instagram? How To Learn?

A few years ago, there were hundreds of applications on the market. And they all claim the same. They claimed you could see who blocked you on Instagram. Although, these applications still exist, but not much as before. Because people don’t believe such these bullshit apps anymore. Such applications certainly do not give you real information. You only take risks on your account security. We will tell you more about these apps below.

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Find Out If Someone Blocked You

There is only one legal method of learning this. There is no other method or app in this regard. Please do not rely on such apps and rumors:

  • Search the profile user name in the search tab. If the username cannot be found, it means that he/she blocked you.
  • Try to tag that username in a photo. If the system cannot find the user name, you were blocked by this profile
  • Check the photo comments. If you can’t see a comment already written by that profile, you were blocked.

But don’t worry! This is not the end of the world. You can always find new friends in Instagram. You don’t need him!

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someone blocked you Instagram

Is There an Application That Offers Solutions to This?

Let’s answer briefly. No! If you are looking any answer or app for “how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram” question, forget it. Because none of these applications work and cannot give you the answer to this question. They ask you to type your Instagram information and password, but they can’t answer who blocked you. Just try to find the answer to this question by following the method we described above. It is an effective method that gives definite results. Misleading and fake applications do not benefit you at all. You can be sure of that.

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