Best Times to Post on Instagram 2019 Organic

Best Times to Post on Instagram 2019 Organic

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This may sound interesting to you. Because we’re going to look at the use of Instagram on a very different side and we’re going to consider it a little psychologically. We will try to give you a few tips about the best times to post on Instagram. Some might ask, “Is there a time period for this?” Yes, there is. If you think about it in a little detail, you will understand that there are times when people feel different.

When Is the Best Time?

For example, we don’t recommend you to post early in the morning. Because people wake up, fix their needs, and go to work or school. So between 06-08 AM is not a good time. But 9-11 AM is the best time to post on Instagram. Also 1-3 PM and 7-10 PM is good times to post. These time periods are resting time for people. People spend more time with social media in these time zones. And especially Friday night between 7: 00 and 9: 00 pm, hours that can affect people.

Bad Time To Post

Well, we talked about best times to post on Instagram. And what about for bad times? Are there any bad time? Of course yes. For example, between 8-10 am on Sunday morning, it is the worst time to post. Because at that time, people usually stay in bed and stay away from social media (except fanatics). And in time zones that correspond to people quitting work, try not to post. Because this time zone is when people are anxious and they are not interested in the content you share.

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Best Times to Post on Instagram

Is it Possible to Schedule Instagram Posts?

No. This is not possible. You can do this only with some external applications. Because there is no schedule option in Instagram. But in the near future, you may find this feature on Instagram. If you want to do this with a different application, you may need to type your Instagram username and password in the application. This can create a very serious security problem. We’re not sure if these applications are in compliance with user privacy policies.

Best Times to Post on Instagram

Best Time For Companies

Just don’t think of it as an individual. For corporate companies, there are also best times to post on Instagram. Specifically, shopping sites and Instagram accounts that sell products should pay close attention to these time frames. According to research done; most people’s requests for shopping occur on Tuesdays and Fridays. On the specified days, from 12 pm to 3 pm, it is the best time to post. Very urgent corporate announcements can be published at any time of the day, but pay attention to these recommendations when posting advertisements and sales-oriented posts. You will find that your sales are increasing and you receive very effective returns from Instagram users. Of course, the time periods we provide can be different in every country. And there may be differences in the social life of the country. These entire time periods are global.

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