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Best Time to Post on Facebook (Updated)

Don’t think that if there is a period to share content on social media? It may seem a little strange to you, but yes, this is a fact. According to a survey, people use social media when they feel most comfortable and very stressed. This is especially common in people who use Facebook. So, what is the best time to post on Facebook?

If you use Facebook for commercial purposes, you should share content when you can most often affect your followers. Finding the best time to post is crucial for your Facebook page.

Wednesday and Friday are the best times because these are the days when people feel good about shopping.

What Is the Best the Time to Post on Social Media?

People using social media accounts usually do this between 10 AM and 3 PM. In the evening, the rate of use increases after 9 PM.

The shared contents take more and more interaction during these periods. Especially the best time for commercial sharing. The period between 10 AM and 12 PM seems to be ideal for Facebook.

Don’t get tired of your followers by sharing them frequently on Facebook. It is enough to post 1-2 contents per day. This applies to all individual or business accounts. Using social media also has courtesy rules.

The Best Days to Post

On weekends people often don’t use social media, especially on Saturdays, to enjoy having fun outside. The weekend is not suitable for sharing content.

On Monday, the day of work is very stressful. We’re leaving Monday out of the list. The remaining Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the ideal days to post on social media.

These are general data. It may vary depending on who your followers are, what they do, and the average age.

You can see the peak times for your page by checking the Facebook insights; it will give you an idea of choosing a time to post content. Your page insights will tell you a lot. You can see the visiting times and engagement rates of your page. These insights are crucial in social media marketing, especially if you run a B2C brand through Facebook.

According to the information you get from the page insights, you can schedule your posts on Facebook.

Best Time to Post on Facebook

Schedule Posts on Facebook

Is this possible? Of course. You can schedule your posts on Facebook. When you share content, you can specify which date and time it will publish.
This allows you to share advanced content. In doing this, you can base on the dates we have written above.
Thus, you can post even if you are not available on the most efficient days. The scheduled post will be shared with your followers on that day and hour you specify.
You can schedule posts as much as you want. There is no limit to this. You can also edit or delete them before post time.

Best Time to Post on Facebook

International Time Zone

The best time to post on Facebook time zones that we shared for you are international. These time zones may vary from country to country.

In other words, let us briefly explain that the hours of social media use may be different in the country where you live. For example, in the morning hours in America, there is a different time zone in China. This is just an example.

You can adapt them to your own country. But in general, these time zones are roughly the same in each country.

There may be slight differences between days too. In short, every day except weekends is suitable for posting.

The Best Time to Post on Facebook; How to Use Insights to Find It?

Now we’ll tell you how to use Insights to find the best time to post on Facebook.

Let’s start with Facebook Insights! To see your page statistics, click on the relevant item (Insights) located at the top of the page.

Once you enter, you will find a range of data at your disposal, but we will go into a couple of specific pages to help you find out when to publish your posts.

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See how to understand when your audience is online:

  • Select post in the left column menu
  • Check out the detailed breakdown of the days and hours your fans are most active on Facebook.

The graph will show you the average times during the week. Furthermore, by hovering the mouse over every day, you will see it appear compared to the average.

Such data tells you that your audience is online all week, and there is no specific day you can’t find it.

For example, you might see that from 9.00 in the morning on Sundays, the number of people online gradually increases right until 16.00 and then begins to decrease gradually.

This suggests that the best time to publish posts is in this time slot, but I still recommend that you test other time slots to see what works and if there is a better time.

Insights records the reach and engagement numbers for every post you share on your Facebook page.

There are other variables, however, that are worth testing before reaching firm conclusions!

To Conclude the Best Time to Post on Facebook

Therefore, exploiting the internet and, in particular, Facebook allows us to keep up with the times both from a strictly social point of view and from a strictly economic point of view. If you liked this article, you may also like our article about the best time to post on Instagram as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Post engagement counts every action that people make on your posts like reacting, liking, commenting, sharing, or clicking a link on them.

Actually, no matter how qualitative your posts are, your first two posts get almost all of the likes you will gain in the day, and the rest of your posts will serve you bad than good, may affect some of your followers to unfollow you. So, 10 posts a week can be considered good.

If the photo you want to publish with someone you don’t know takes place in a public area, you can publish it without asking permission beforehand. 

Hashtags work on every giant social media as long as you use them the right way. You should research both the hashtag’s relevancy to your niche and the competition inside the hashtag.

You should do marketing research, visibility research, time adjustments, and check the organic results that the post you want to boost as an ad first. If all your researches and adjustments are made and the post did a good job organically, it can achieve great success as an ad too.

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  1. L. King
    L. King

    The best time to post on Facebook also differs on special occasions. For example, on Halloween people tend to post more at midnight.