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Best Free Video Editing Applications

With the proliferation of smartphones today, users are now shooting more videos than before. Not only is it evolving technology, but the proliferation of social media has also made video editing a hobby or profit for many users. Of course, in line with this change, video editing applications have appeared in the market. On the other hand, users had the chance to do special effects that they could only see in Hollywood movies with their means with lessons on the Internet. However, when you want to use licensed video editing applications, you can encounter high prices, especially with the dollar rate.

If you’re going to make a new introduction to video editing, you can use trial versions or give free programs a chance before purchasing paid apps. You will find the most up-to-date and best video editing applications we have chosen for you in this article.



  • Ability to create effective audio and video clips
  • Advanced color correction
  • Color switch (chroma key) features, “Masking” tool


  • Not all social media profiles are available at this time
  • Some updates take a long time to download and require a lot of hard disk space

If you’re looking for free non-linear video editing applications, VSDC is the best option you have. The only element we could criticize is the user interface that takes some time to get used to. Developers care more about the program’s functionality than design, but it’s not easy to criticize this approach when we consider the number of free features on offer.

This program allows you to work with layers, place several objects in a single frame, place one object on another, and blend colors and parts using transparency settings.



  • Wide functionality
  • Open source code
  • Shaping mode
  • Internal processing mechanisms


  • Hard to learn
  • No documents in the basic package

Blender is the software closest to delivering the same 3D and video editing functions as expensive programs. This open-source program is usually available instead of After Effects in tasks such as models and animations, various render operations, matching, and scanning.

Blender also allows you to edit videos, develop 3D applications, and mimic liquid and solid materials and fabrics. As a result, it’s not surprising that many professionals see Blender as the best free video editing program and even use Blender on serious commercial projects. This software has several features to expect from a premium 3D editor, and they’re all completely free!

Lightworks Video Application



  • Convenient interface
  • Customizable tool parts
  • Supports editing on all fps moons
  • Can add multi-layered special effects
  • Tutorials available on the official website


  • High system requirements
  • You need to register to use the program

Like all other good video editing applications, Lightworks supports all popular formats and allows you to cut videos, change recorded clips by adding various effects and text, and optimize video clips’ quality. With this program, you can even learn how to edit short movies and standard YouTube videos directly on your laptop. Most popular bloggers and small news site designers use this program.

HitFilm Express


  • Advanced timeline feature
  • Replay features that speed up editing
  • Possibility to make arrangements when exporting
  • Wide and convenient export options


  • Several of the highly requested features require to purchase as an add-on
  • Some replay features delete special effects
  • Exporting

There are two versions of this video editing program: Free HitFilm Express and paid HitFilm Pro versions. The first version’s functionality is quite limited, but it is still enough for many ordinary users who only need basic video editing features. That’s why beginners can accept this program as the best free video editing program.

You can do all the work in the free version, including crop, video merges, add music, transition, generic insertion, masking, converting, and effects (you can create your effects), and color correction on an unlimited number of tracks.

DaVinci Resolve Video Editing Application

DaVinci Resolve


  • Convenient timeline
  • Reasonable system requirements
  • Color diversion section for HDR diversion
  • Internal algorithm to increase GPU speed
  • Possibility to work with other users on projects


  • Requires you to fill out a form on the developer’s official website

This is an advanced and professional video editing program. DaVinci Resolve includes some tools that can be for post-production and can edit images and sounds. The free version has some restrictions that my ordinary users probably won’t even notice. Some of these restrictions include lower 4K resolution, users’ inability to work together, and watermark in several filters. Despite these disadvantages, you can see it as one of the best free video editing applications.



  • So many audio and video choices 
  • Supports Chroma key and 3D video
  • Video stabilization
  • VirtualDub plug-in support


  • The free version has a limited functionality

We can say that this is the best free video editing program for beginners at the moment. One of the important upsides is that it has free editing lessons that will be enough to start editing videos. Suppose you want to edit your videos with tools like cutting, eliminating camera shake, and adding beautiful transitions, effects, photos, music, and animated credits. In that case, you can do all of them with the free VideoPad program.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker


  • Simple and suitable interface for beginners
  • Prepare presentations and slides using visuals
  • Includes built-in VFX library
  • Possibility to take videos and photos with the camera


  • Supports a small number of video formats
  • Not able to cut video tracks

Suppose you need a simple video editor that allows you to easily create clips, add music, or make sounds from a few videos or images. In that case, you can use our old friend Windows Movie Maker or the Story Remix program (i.e., windows 10’s free editing software) used in the latest version. Even beginners can quickly specialize in this program. If you are entering this category, we recommend that you not be surprised by this program.



  • Supports nuptial video editing
  • Open source code
  • Uses a powerful graphics processor
  • Ability to adjust sound codes with great precision
  • Take video and screenshots


  • M4A, MXF, MLT, and XML files sometimes error when opening
  • It’s not possible to change video settings during clip editing

Shortcut free editing software is not a professional program, but it has many features and is very close to professional video editing applications. When you work with Shortcut and see that it’s not enough for your needs, you can switch to a professional program without almost any effort. The skills you gain when editing videos in Shortcut is sufficient to use Adobe’s professional programs. This is a very serious step towards producing the highest quality videos. However, you can use Shortcuts to create quality videos and modern TV series and movies without another program’s need.

iMovie Video App



  • Easy-to-use trailer templates
  • Powerful impact collection


  • Works only on devices that use Mac
  • The low number of transitions, titles, and filters
  • It is not possible to customize the interface

iMovie is a free and almost perfect video editing program focused on fulfilling the simple tasks apple has produced. Both desktop and mobile versions feature a classic interface, a convenient media browser, and a built-in gallery with transitions, effects, and filters. There are also project templates ready for use for different situations and wide export options up to 4K. That’s why many users see this program as the best free video edit program.



  • Completely free edit program
  • Easy to master
  • Numerous effects and transitions
  • Export projects at 4K UHD 60fps


  • Unstable performance and frequent crash, especially on laptops
  • Render speed slower than specified in the features
  • You need to check the video effects you’ve added to clips

Openshot is an open-source program. It looks partly like iMovie with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. But Openshot has more features, including unlimited layer numbers and audio mixing compared to iMovie. This free video editing program provides a balance between advanced features and a simple interface. It also enables you to watch the video in real-time while creating transitions between clips.



  • Supports many media formats
  • The collection of video and sound effects is extremely large
  • Ability to group/group clips
  • User-friendly interface
  • The possibility of customizing shortcuts


  • Unstable performance
  • Weak for advanced video editing

Kdenlive (KDE Non-Linear Video Editor) is a free matrimonial video editing software. The program is suitable for amateurs and people interested in professional video editing. This simple video editor lets you work with a few video and audio tracks. You can move, block, or turn the parts off. Kdenlive also allows you to import almost any known video and audio formats without pre-converting.



  • Extremely easy interface
  • Quick crop and paste


  • Few features

VidCutter is a simple Python/QT free video editing software for Windows 10 and other platforms. Designed to hack and paste media files. VidCutter has a typical user interface. You can also use this program to cut and save certain parts of video and audio files.



  • Open source and free video editor
  • Resource-coded license


  • Coding and decoding cannot be accelerated with hardware
  • It’s not feasible to adjust the speed of the clip
  • No proxy editing

PiTiVi is one of the best free video editing programs for Linux. It contains basic tools for editing videos. The functionality of the program is extremely limited. But it’s an ideal option to perform the simplest operations. The program supports cutting, bonding, resizing, working with layers, overlay audio and videos, and other simple functions. It’s also a constantly evolving program. Fixes errors when adding features in new versions.




  • Ability to change both the speed and direction of clips
  • Sync clips with other videos
  • Import media files for another project
  • With a proxy, you can work even on low-performance pCs


  • Compatible with Linux only

Flowblade is a free video editor for Linux. It was designed as a nuptial video editing program to work quickly on video files. It turns out that he needs to improve more in practice.

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At first look, it seems like to be a typical interface, but in reality, importing videos is a very complicated process. The icons on the buttons are not informative. In Flowblade, you cannot place a video part in any location on the timeline. You can only place the video part after another part or place it between the pieces.



  • Supports all popular formats
  • Fast installation, easy-to-master tools
  • Numerous visual effects and image filters
  • The ability to edit video files without converting code


  • Video streaming does not support capture
  • They must be in the same format to work with multiple clips

This program is a free video conversion program that can satisfy you with filters and visual effects. A series of instructions can help you convert videos to various formats without learning necessity.

What’s more, in this program, you can edit your videos, add/subtract video files, adjust clarity, delete parasites in sound, process images using various filters, add visual effects, and improve recording quality for additional encodings. These features make Avidemux one of the best free video editing programs.



  • Ability to back up projects
  • Numerous audiovisual effects
  • Composition
  • Ability to undo and repeat actions


  • Lack of flexibility
  • Non-systematic functionality

Firstly, Cinelerra has all the features you can expect from real-time visual effects, video capture and FireWire output, and video4Linux devices, DVB cards, and video capture from computer screens and the best free video editing programs. The program supports HDTV video and popular video and audio formats. Besides, Cinesra has a very good collection of real-time video and sound effects. What’s more, you can automate the effects parameters. He’s undoubtedly one of the best free video editors.

Movavi Video Editor


  • Ready-to-use presets to add animations 
  • Understandable video creation tools
  • Hardware-based acceleration for AMD and NVidia during video rendering
  • A good sound processing tool
  • Simple, understandable vehicle controls even for beginners


  • You need to download some tools separately in auto mode

Movavi Video Suite contains all the tools necessary to work with media files. This program allows you to eliminate third-party players, converters, video editors, and unnecessary software such as slide creation, audio recording and processing, disc writing, and programs that create images. Such tools that the program offers help perform standard and even some complex tasks. So by using this amazing video editing program, you can save the sounds you need for your movie yourself, create titles and beautiful transition effects, and process images precisely.

Viva Video


  • Lots of filters


  • Watermarks are available in the free version
  • There are even more features on Instagram

That’s why this program is a popular app in video recording and editing and is on the list of the best free video editing programs. This is the last enough time to save an event video and create your own video story. You can also add a funny sticker or text message about events that occur in the video. So you can share your videos with friends on your favorite social networks.

To Conclude Video Editing Apps

In this article, we have explained the best free video editing applications. Have you ever tried to make your video more interesting when you’ve ever made a video you want to post on social media? You probably did. Because most of us aren’t professional enough to create the perfect video at once. So even if you do the shoot well, improving the video, adding great effects, sounds and filters always produce better results, right?

Finally, if you liked this article about the best video editing applications, please check out our other articles. We offer guidance for all kinds of social media platforms. You may be interested in how to edit YouTube videos.

Frequently Asked Questions About

The three major programs that could be used for YouTube video editing are iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Final Cut Pro X. The first is fantastic for beginner editors and is completely free.

Adobe is the owner of the software. You only purchase a license to be able to use it. If you want Premiere Pro, you need to purchase a month-to-month or annual Creative Cloud plan that will be updated automatically until you cancel it.

The Google Photos app on Android now has a movie editing tool that will simultaneously help users play multiple clips. The new update includes a simplified interface and more sophisticated editing tools to make it a powerful app now. The design appears to be similar to many desktop video editing tools.

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    Among all the best free editing applications I use, I prefer DaVinci Resolve. It simply has so many features!