Best Firefox SEO Plugins (+Capabilities of Plugins)

Best Firefox SEO Plugins (+Capabilities of Plugins)

Firefox has been around for almost eighteen years. It is user friendly, stable, fast, and the third most popular web browser worldwide. Millions are using it. We are going to touch upon some of the best Firefox SEO plugins.

If you are just interested in SEO, or even a professional who is looking for ways to improve your website’s SEO on your Firefox browser, it has hundreds of plugins that you can get just with a click. You may want to gather some valuable information about a webpage or want to know how search engines work on a webpage, and ways to optimize it. You can even see how your competitors are doing with Firefox plugins. There are various SEO plugins for Firefox, and we will review the Best Firefox SEO Plugins for monitoring and improving.

Capabilities of SEO Plugins for Firefox

Capabilities of SEO Plugins for Firefox

Plugins vary from each other with their different capabilities. Some can help you identify related keywords, optimize image files, review the content, and so on. That is why you may need more than one SEO plugin for improvement. From fixing broken links to completing a full SEO audit is not an easy job, but with the right plugins, you will be well on your way of SEO success.

As stated before, there are various SEO plugins for Firefox, and we will review the Best Firefox SEO Plugins for monitoring and improving.

Best SEO Plugins and Tools

Best SEO Plugins and Tools

Here is a list of the best Firefox SEO plugins and tools.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs provides the most important page and keyword metrics, such as domain and URL rating, number of backlinks and referring domains, organic search traffic, and many more. It also has social media metrics of major social media platforms. The only downside is you have to subscribe monthly to access all features of Ahrefs SEO Toolbar to offer.

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SEO Quake

It was created for webmasters and web designers who are constantly working to improve their website’s SEO by SEMrush. SEO Quake offers great and detailed features as SEO metrics for specific pages, SEO Audit Tool, Keyword Density Report, number of indexed pages, page ranks, internal-external link analysis, and social media metrics. One more great thing about SEO Quake is that it has integration with third-party services, which would be more effective and convenient to use.


SEOInfo is a handy, all-in-one SEO tool that can show the HTTP status. You can check if the page is indexable, mobile-friendly, followable or not, and many more performance details. You can also see the loading times, title tags, meta descriptions, canonicalization, and more. 


If you want to check the general status of your website and see how your competitors are doing, SimilarWeb is the plugin for you. You can easily compare two websites and adjust your strategy. It will help you to identify and analyze your website’s strengths and weaknesses and improve your performance. SimilarWeb helps you find out your traffic sources, referrals, searches, ranks, and so on.


Mangools is a simple and right plugin to accelerate your SEO improvements. You can see all SEO metrics, backlinks, on-page insights, and popularity trends of any domain or URL.


If you want to get technical, this all-in-one SEO plugin is the best for you. WooRank focuses on on-page SEO and gives you a quick review of a page in seconds with a quiet lof of information. It consists of title tags, meta information, page load metrics, estimated traffic level, social media statistics, and mobile-friendliness of the page.


It is one of the great plugins for an all-in-one SEO tool. You can analyze any page’s title, meta description, canonicalization, headings, images, alt descriptions, and more. It can also highlight the internet and external links, broken links, and so on. The most important part is that you can see the SERP preview for a specific query. 

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Majestic Backlink Analyzer

This plugin gives you information about our backlinks and domains linking. It is most convenient for link building, but you can also see domain authority, subdomains, and root level, link counts, and link profile charts. If you want to unlock all features, you need to start a subscription. Unlike others, Majestic does not analyze search results. So, you may need to use other plugins for that. 

Link Research

With this plugin, you will be able to examine all the SEO metrics for the pages you visit. You can see how many backlinks a page has, domain or page’s authority, keyword ranking, number of links and changes of them, and more. Link Research also helps you understand user engagement, how the page is successful on social media, and can find you great places to get links from.

Link Redirect Trace

You can use this plugin for SEO analysis, on or off-page SEO, competitor analysis. It allows you to perform advanced and comprehensive analysis for links, redirects, and canonicals. You can also instantly check if the page is blocked in robots.txt or has NOINDEX/NOFOLLOW tags or has some other technical issues or not. So, it is a great plugin for the overall check of the HTTP status of any page.


Are these plugins free to use?

Do not worry about this. They are all free to use but most of them have advanced options and you can subscribe to them if you wish of course.

How can you add them to Firefox?

Go to the plugin’s page on Firefox and just click “Add Firebox”. You will have the plugin in second for ready to use.

Are these plugins safe to use?

All of these plugins are safe to download and use. They are checked by Firebox.


This concludes our list for Best Firefox SEO Plugins. Every one of them has different capabilities for improving your SEO efforts. You can add them to Firefox and try them out. We hope this article was helpful and could be useful for your SEO improvement.

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