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Best Chrome Extensions for Marketing

Are you looking for some extra tips to spice up your social media marketing strategy? If yes, maybe it’s time to integrate Google Chrome extensions into your arsenal. These are a set of specific programs that you can implement in your browser to enrich its features. Also known as add-ons or plugins, they allow you to perform additional actions in a more economical way. You become able to multi-task within one and the same framework while saving much more time. How do they work concretely? That’s what we will explain in the first section of the article. We will also clarify their importance regarding the social media marketing context. Then we will introduce a list of the best Chrome extensions. 

What Are the Advantages?

The most obvious one is faster access to your favorite functionalities. Think of Chrome extensions as shortcuts. Thanks to them, you can reach out to your most frequently used commands in a few clicks. 

Are you starting to get bored with the standard and somewhat stereotypical settings of your browser? You can perfectly personalize them. Chrome extensions are here to make your user experience more customizable and thus more adapted to your own needs. Once they are programmed appropriately, they become autonomous and intuitive enough. What this means is that you won’t have to tell them what to do every time. They will learn and anticipate your expectations, consequently automating a whole set of processes. 

Besides, you can increase the range of operation. Indeed, all it takes is to find a platform with a browser. As long as you have a browser at your disposal, you can make use of extensions. Not to mention that you can regroup third-party services within your unique and coherent system. In other words, you won’t need to go and search for them elsewhere. Extensions keep all your tools in the same ‘box’.

We won’t keep enumerating the pros right now. You will get a clearer idea anyway when we will give specific examples in the next sections. But we guess that you can already sense the potential influence that all this would have on social media. Seriously, as an online marketer, do you have the luxury of wasting your time? We don’t think so. That’s why we invite you to discover the best Chrome extensions. They are the ultimate facilitators that will make your work both more enjoyable and more proficient. 

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketing

Here’s our selection of the best extensions for Google Chrome that can totally transform your marketing game plan on social media. The extensions we will cover are as follows:

  • AdBlocker Ultimate
  • Bitly
  • Buffer
  • Ghostery
  • Grammarly
  • Momentum
  • Omnibug
  • RiteTag
  • Save to Facebook
  • SocialAnalyzer

Now, let’s take a look at them in more detail.

adblocker ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate

Here’s one of the relatively new Chrome extensions. Launched in 2019, it has quickly become one of the favorite filtering tools of many marketers. It wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that it has no mercy on a wide variety of ads and other party-breakers. Say goodbye to disturbing pop-ups and intrusive banners. AdBlocker Ultimate also blocks unwanted trackers and malware. At the end of the day, it ensures a smooth navigation experience, letting you focus on your work. You can get it for free.



Especially for social media marketers, no doubt that time is money. The URL shortening service Bitly will be a speedy ally for your busy schedule. It shortens your links in the blink of an eye and makes them sharable through your browser. So you don’t need to deal with laborious copy-pastes anymore. And don’t worry about the ugly domain names. The company allows you to customize your links with your own brand name. You can either use Bitly for free or try the Basic and/or Premium plans. You can also ask for custom pricing and obtain a personalized plan.   

buffer chrome extension


Social media marketing is also based on sharing new ideas while informing and staying informed. Buffer simplifies the process for you. With this extension, you can instantly share any content from any source on your social media pages. You also have the possibility to postpone. You can thus save your content and share it later. Buffer is available for free, but you can also subscribe to the Essentials pack that comes with extra goodies. 



Here comes the extension version of the famous blue ghost. Consider it one of the best guardians of your online privacy. It allows you to check who collects your data on the websites you are visiting. If you wish, it can increase your anonymity through its anti-tracking system. We shouldn’t forget that it also offers a very efficient adblocker. Get rid of all the advertisements that ruin your browsing experience. As you can imagine, all this cleanup contributes to boosting speed and performance as well. So you end up getting only the best part of the web without having to worry about the junk. Ghostery’s Basic plan is available for free. As for the Advanced plan, the annual fee is around 40 USD. 



Unless we are the new Virginia Woolf or another similar wordsmith, there’s a reality to be faced sooner or later. We all need spelling and writing assistants. These are must-haves if we want our texts to shine with an immaculate pro-look. Grammarly is probably one of the best options on the current market. Its version for Chrome is easy to set up and usable on almost every imaginable platform. You can now write stylish material with zero grammatical error on LinkedIn, Twitter, but also on Gmail or Google Docs. The basic version is free and already doing a great job. However, you can also go for the paid premium version that offers additional utilities (e.g. plagiarism detector).



Already a classic. Momentum is among the best extensions for Chrome when it comes to providing users with a personal assistant. It’s a sort of control panel that comprises tools for productivity but also leisure. You get a daily task list along with customized quotes and greetings to cheer your day up, weather reports, etc. It also stores your links in one place. In sum, it acts pretty much like an all-in-one toolbox. The basic version is free. You may also try Momentum Plus for 3.33 USD per month. 



The name of this one is quite self-explanatory. Having it grants you a bug-free experience while establishing your web metrics. Basically, whenever the browser sends a request, Omnibus starts analyzing it. This is especially useful when you want to check common elements such as tags. You get all the information you need about the data that is being transferred at a certain moment. Once the data is received by every relevant platform, the extension decodes the components of the request. You can obtain this bug-wiper for free. As you see, you don’t necessarily have to ruin yourself to get the best Chrome extensions. 



Talking about social media without mentioning tags would look like some rice pudding without rice. As a marketer, how are you managing your hashtags? If you are struggling to find the right tool, RiteTag may be what you are looking for. This extension is able to give you the most accurate hashtag suggestions. It works for images, as well as texts. Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn? It doesn’t matter. RiteTag adapts itself to any platform. It also informs you about the potential strength of a hashtag by using specific colors. Plus, you get stats about the usage rate of your targeted hashtags. There’s a free 7-day trial to make you get an idea. Then the price is around 50 USD per year.  

save to facebook

Save to Facebook

Another interesting extension, especially for those of you who conduct their marketing activities mainly on Zuckerberg’s platform. Maybe you have just caught some fancy content, pics, or videos on Facebook. You want to share and spread them but don’t have the time right now. Save to Facebook can store them for you. It allows you to create your own lists and collections. You can then access and use them whenever you want, no matter on which page you are at that moment. Just use the dedicated icon or open it from the left side of your News Feed. You can also type in your browser. Don’t wait any longer and get it easily from Chrome Web Store.  



This is one of the best Chrome extensions in terms of market analysis. It helps you plan your own campaigns while keeping an eye on your competitors. Just select a niche or specific industry. Then check what has been recently posted about them on the most popular platforms like Instagram or YouTube. SocialAnalyzer also shows you the level of engagement and interaction regarding those posts. Bonus: this monitoring tool is free. 

Final Words about the Best Chrome Extensions

Now that you are more familiarized with the best Chrome extensions, it’s time to add them to your inventory. There’s no doubt that they will enhance your marketing strategies, especially on social media. No more waste of time nor complicated manipulations. Extensions literally redesign your browser and interface by acting as shortcuts. Your best-loved functionalities are at your disposal all the time, everywhere. In a way, it’s like turning even your computer into a giant smartphone.  

Frequently Asked Questions About

As a matter of fact, there are more than 130,000 extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. So it was simply impossible to list them all within this article. Plus, they are not all of equal quality. That’s why we have selected those that are likely to satisfy you the most. 

As long as the developers comply with the Chrome Web Store Developer Program Policies, the extensions are safe. In other words, those policies are the ones that determine the level of safety. The best Chrome extensions listed in this article are usually reliable in that regard. 

You can type ‘chrome:extensions’ in your browser. If you already happen to have some extensions, you will be able to visualize them on that page. 

Yes, this is possible. Extensions are similar to websites, which means that they can be explored by Google Analytics. Keep in mind though, that you will have to modify the tracking code accordingly. You may get more information on (a website dedicated to Chrome Developers). 

Chrome Web Store is definitely the best source for it. You can visit and browse the catalog. There are different categories from which you can make your selection. 

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