Benefits of Working with Social Media Influencers

Benefits of Working with Social Media Influencers

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working with social media influencers


There are many benefits of working with social media influencers. Influencers are those people who are very active and have a huge following base on social media platforms like Youtube, Twitter, or in our case; Instagram. Marketing through these took a rise lately. Nowadays brands are taking advantage of social media to promote or boost their services and products. And it works.

Most of the time, brands only reach and approach social media influencers because of their followers, not because of who they are. It’s a great way for certain businesses to reach new audiences. Your brand -like all brands- also can significantly benefit from influencers, it’s very important to understand how everything is connected in the world of social media.

The following are some advantages of working with social media influencers:

Reach Target Audience

When you are joining forces with a social media influencer, it’s more than likely that your target audience is already into the said influencer. For example, let’s say you are a gaming equipment business. If you team up with PewDiePie, everyone who’s into gaming knows him already. His audience and your audience are closely intertwined, maybe even the same audience. This is what we call ‘relevant audience’. Subscribe to him by the way.

Social media influencers also display the use of the product, answer questions about it, test it out and lots more. So you’d be giving your brand’s message in front of your target relevant audience. This helps to get a high return on your investment.  Can it get better than this?

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Builds Trust

People usually need time to trust your products. They need to try it themselves and for that, your product needs to get their attention a lot. But when you’re working with social media influencers; when one of their icons is trying out that product and especially if he/she is liking it, then you can be absolutely sure a lot of their followers will also try and probably love that product. Because one of the biggest pros of working with influencers is that they usually have a bond of trust with their followers.

Arise in SEO and SER

If a social media influencer posts a link with your service or product, it creates a backlink to your website. Backlinks play a crucial role in ranking of your Search Engine Rankings(SER) and your Search Engine Optimizations(SEO). This is because when a social media influencer posts your product, it creates a high-quality backlink. This means you will be getting a lot more traffic, lot more purchases, and a lot more advertising. All of these raise your Search Engine Ranking.

Range and Recognition

One of the biggest benefits of working with social media influencers is that you won’t only get a rise in SER, you will only rise in recognition and the range you can get to people. Most social media influencers have fans and follower from all over the world. When they recommend your product, your recognition levels get lifted immensely.  It’s a fast and efficient way to make people know about your services or product.


At the day and age that we’re in, working with social media influencers for marketing purposes serves better than using simple ads. While people just skip or don’t even look at advertising anymore, they really care about what their ‘icons’ say, do or use. Besides, it really doesn’t cost much. Social media influencers make your product or services keep up with the times and they can usually be seen as a reliable option. Nobody promises you success will happen overnight with this method(or any method really) but you can be sure it will work out.

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