The Benefits of Creating Video and Visual Sitemap

The Benefits of Creating Video and Visual Sitemap

Not every sitemap type is necessary for all kinds of websites. You should choose the most suitable sitemap type. In this article, we will focus on two types, Video Sitemaps, and Image Sitemaps. What are the Benefits of Creating Video and Visual Sitemap? If you wonder the answer, then keep on reading.

Video Sitemaps

If your website has a movie service, you need to set up a video sitemap. Movie sites generally draw hits from the keywords, as well as hits from their sub-pages, i.e., the pages where the movies are published. In some sites, even the hits from sub-pages may be more than the hits on main pages. We would also like to point out that SEO strategies for movie sites are slightly different compared to SEO studies for regular websites.

why should you use sitemaps

Creating Video Sitemaps

When creating a video sitemap, some plugins can help you. As one of the essential plugins, you can use the Google Video Sitemap V2.4 Plugin seamlessly on your WordPress sites. If you have noticed in Google rankings, some sites are perceived as video sites, and they provide information about movie titles, content, and actors.

The interaction of visitors with sites using video sitemaps is quite high. For example, even if you are in the 2nd place in the ranking, if the first person does not use a video sitemap, it is inevitable for visitors to choose your site.

One of the things you should be aware of when creating a video sitemap is video extensions. .Mpg, mpeg, .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .asf, .ra, .ram, .flv are accepted as video extensions for Google.

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If you are not using the WordPress infrastructure, you can easily create it using the online service service to create a video sitemap.

To submit sitemap maps that you have created to Google, submit them in the same way as you would submit your regular sitemap instead of webmaster tools. Another option of the Google services you can use instead of a video sitemap is the Rich Snippets feature. You can follow the instructions found in the Google webmaster tools on usage and setup.

The Use of CDN Structure

Let’s continue explaining video sitemaps over movie sites example. Since the movie sites host high visitors online, using the CDN (Content delivery network) structure provides in-site optimization advantages. CDN technique, which will increase the performance of your site. It enables your website to open faster and get an additional score in terms of SEO.

There is a W3 Total Cache plugin for using CDN in WordPress. This plugin calls the media files from a remote server to make the site run faster. We also recommend that you try the Free CDN plugin.

Keyword Usage

Make your keywords perfect. For example, analyze the labels you have created specifically for the movie “Red 2” by comparing them with other sites. Try to create flawless tags without using the same tags as the other site.

In the original descriptions, you will write in your video descriptions, include the subject and promotion of the movie with a user focus. Passing the movie title just once will be enough to create unique SEO compatible content.

Intro Placement

When preparing movies for your movie sites, make a custom intro, and place it at the very beginning of the movie. This function has great importance in terms of brand and site awareness. Also, you can include the advertisement of your site in the subtitles you will create in some points of the movie.

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It will be useful to use a subtitle like this in the form: “This movie was created by Please follow the website to show your respect for our hard work.”

Including Social Media Share Icons

Social media interaction icons on movie sites are used more than other sites. The reason for this is the exchange of ideas by sharing the movies people watch or recommending it to their friends.

Using a unique design as social media platform icons is an important point that will set you apart from other sites. Your buttons should be compatible with your site as much as possible and should be of interest to people. You can click on the link below to have an idea for the social media share buttons that can be an example.

Image Sitemaps

An image sitemap, also called an image sitemap, is an XML sitemap, especially for images. With an image XML sitemap, image content from your website can be enhanced with additional features, such as location (geo_location), supplement, and transmit separately to Google. You can use the separate provision of an image sitemap to rank your images in Google image search. The image XML sitemap is for search engines only.

Image sitemap helps Google discover and index images that it might not otherwise have found (such as images accessed by your site’s JavaScript code). You can use a separate sitemap to list the pictures or add the picture information to an existing sitemap. Adding a separate image sitemap helps for image ranking in Google image search.

If you provide pictures, photos, or entire photo galleries on your website, these should, of course, also be indexed by Google Image Search. Google also offers its sitemap format for this. However, many sitemap plugins from content management systems (CMS) are only designed for the inclusion of pure HTML pages. If it is not possible to insert additional image URLs here. But there is a solution: Simply create your sitemap for images! Google supports the use of multiple sitemaps.

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Also, keep in mind that indexing images on Google can take a long time. If standard HTML content is usually recorded within a few hours to days, this can take several weeks for images. And even then, there is no guarantee of indexation.
And a little tip for optimization for Google search: You should not number Images consecutively, such as image1.jpg, image2.jpg, etc. But you should give unique file names. The image content should also be reflected in the name, for example, Paris-Eiffel tower.jpg or Berlin-Alexanderplatz.jpg.


What does an Image Sitemap do?

Picture sitemap data assists Google with finding pictures that we may not, in any case, find, (for example, pictures your site comes to with JavaScript code), and permits you to show pictures on your site that you need Google to slither and file.

What is a video sitemap?

A video sitemap is a sitemap with extra data about video facilitated on your pages.

Why Sitemaps are important?

XML Sitemaps are significant for Search engine optimization since they make it simpler for Google to discover your webpage’s pages—this is significant on the grounds that Google positions site pages, not simply sites. There is no drawback of having an XML Sitemap and having one can improve your Website design enhancement, so we enthusiastically suggest them.


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