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Benefits of Instagram Business: Analyze the Insights

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of Instagram Business.

Instagram Business first started in 2016.

Even though most businesses switched to Instagram Business accounts by now, there are still some undecided people.

Now certainly, there are differences between Personal and Business accounts. Both have ups and downs each, in which we will compare and contrast.

You have to know which one would suit you better; otherwise, you won’t be successful in this.

So, keep reading to find out if Instagram Business is for you or not.

What Is Instagram Business?

Firstly, let’s begin with the main difference between an Instagram Business account and a personal account.

  • With Instagram Business, you can access features such as Instagram Insights, Instagram Ads, contact info, and more.
  • You can add your contact number much easily with Business.
  • You won’t have to pack it all into your bio as you do on personal accounts.

This is a big difference because if people can easily see your contact information, they will contact you easier.

If they contact you easier, then naturally, you’ll make more sales.

What Are the Benefits of Instagram Business?

There are a lot of them. When you use Instagram Business, you can easily understand that it was designed and prepared directly for brands and businesses.

It’s not a premium feature, and it’s completely free to use, just like a personal account.

Thus, the pros of Business make you think about how unnecessary it is to have personal accounts.

Why would someone not want those features under their hands anyway?

Scheduling Posts: Save Time With Post Scheduling

This is among the main reasons for switching to a business account. You need to have an Instagram business account to acquire new posting features within Instagram. This is an Instagram requirement, not a requirement for tools. Scheduling posts is a huge time saver for a brand with a busy social media team.

Instagram Ads: To Monitor and Improve the Performance of Your Posts

Instagram business profiles allow you to access analytics from within the app (not the desktop). Its importance is to understand what content is resonating best, what time of day your followers are online, and whether you’re using Instagram effectively to achieve your business goals.

To view these data, click on the icon in the shape of a graph (upper-right). The data is divided into three separate sections and refers to the times our posts receive the most interactions, the impressions, and the reach of the posts, the photos that had the most interaction. For each of these three sections, it is possible to click on “View More” to get more detailed data and apply filters to analyze engagement.

Instagram Insights

Look at all the data below. Look at how beautiful it is.

This is the future, everybody, welcome to it. It’s peak analysis. This is where dreams and reality collide. You’re in it now. It’s amazing what a time to be alive.

Benefits of Instagram Business

This is pretty much the biggest reason why lots of Instagram users are switching to Business accounts and one of the biggest benefits of Instagram Business. Insights and Analytics are both amazing tools.

Instagram Analytics especially gives you and good for a comprehensive amount of data on audience demographics, engagement rates, impressions, and a lot more.

Instagram Analytics is something else; you simply cannot exist as a business without it at this point, especially on Instagram marketing.

Even if you did, it’d be a lot harder to succeed without. Insights give you nice feedback information. This way, you can come up with more ways to drive traffic to your page.

What Can You See with Insights?

  • Age range
  • Top 7 recent posts
  • Gender follower percentage breakdown
  • Where top followers are from (country & city)
  • Entire impressions for the week
  • Story Insights (don’t sleep on this, it’s also big)
  • What days and times in the week your followers are most active on Instagram
  • Impressions, reach, and engagement rate for your Instagram posts

Story Links

If you have a business account with 10,000+ followers, you can add links to your Instagram Stories, which gives you the ability to easily direct people to your site or offer. This is a huge plus, considering over 300 million people use stories every day.

Contact Info

Another one of the numerous advantages and benefits of Instagram Business is that you can add a contact button directly on your profile.

You can add your e-mail, phone number, and/or address to your profile page easily.

We talked about this earlier in this article. Remember, if they contact you easier, then naturally, you’ll make more sales.

Note: You can connect your Facebook Business page to Instagram Business if you have one.

Promotion and Partnership

This is very helpful for businesses that do promotion and partnerships with influencers.

You’re required to uncover sponsored ads in every post normally. Now you have the option to just add “Paid Partnership” to the top of a sponsored post. With a Business Profile, you can have promoted posts.

Also, it gives you the Insights into the performance of the post.

A Better Bio: People Can Connect With Your Company More Easily

Businesses have some additional features in their profile, including links for your followers to get directions, your phone number, or your e-mail depending on what you predicted. Personal accounts don’t have this functionality.

Connect Your Facebook Business Page With Your Instagram Profile

With an Instagram Business profile, Facebook business pages can be linked to your Instagram account, giving you the ability to share your posts directly to your Facebook business page. Warning: personal pages can share on multiple Facebook pages they may own, while a business account can only share the Facebook business page with which it is associated.

Your Account Is More Likely to Be Verified

It’s notoriously difficult to get verified by Instagram. Still, if you have a business profile and are a regular advertiser, you’ve probably increased your chances of getting hold of the coveted designation. But it shouldn’t be your main purpose to switch to a Business account.

Instagram Shopping: One Click Is Enough to Buy

This new feature enables retailers to add product tags to Instagram posts, so users can learn more about their products through Instagram. It’s that simple: just click the “Click to view products” button, and you will see the tags for all the products that have been tagged. 

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Users can decide to select the tag they want to get more product information by staying on Instagram. If they intend to purchase the product, just click the “Buy Now” link, which will take them to the relevant product page to finalize the purchase. If you have the setup required, why not give it a try?

Conclusion On Instagram Business

In this article, we talked about the Benefits of Instagram Business, in general.

If you’re an upcoming business, having a business profile instead of a personal profile has many benefits. In the end, it’s about which features you wish to find.

However, considering Instagram Ads and especially Instagram Insights, moving to a business profile seems like a great option.

Switching to Instagram Business is free, and you can always switch back if you don’t like it, so what’s stopping you?

The Instagram app seems to be growing at a spectacular speed; get in it while it’s hot.

We’re at the end of our article once again.

If you think this article was beneficial, then please leave a comment below.

It gets lonely here with no comments. Share the love, people.

Frequently Asked Questions About

There’s no specially designed way for Business accounts to get more followers, but some large humor accounts are known to switch their accounts to a Business account.

Anyone can run a Business account on Instagram. To do so, tap the three lines icon at the screen’s upper-right, then hit Settings, Switch to Business Profile, Continue. 

It gives you further information about your followers to help you build a picture of those interested in you. It displays your performance on Instagram over the previous week – change in followers, the number of posts shared, impressions, reach, profile views, website clicks, and e-mail clicks.

Even a business-specific Instagram account needs to have a healthy dose of you. If you’re going to combine your accounts, make sure not to get swollen into one of them and disappear as the other one.

Business profiles are a free feature for profiles wishing to be recognized as a Business on Instagram. 

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