Banned Facebook Account and the Ban Reasons

Banned Facebook Account and the Ban Reasons

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Facebook released a new update and banned facebook account which looks like a bot account, today we will show you what not to do to get banned.

When Facebook was established first, it wasn’t known by many people. It got interested of people and they started to use it and had fun. Then, they invited their friends to Facebook. Those people joined people and they also invited their friends. While people have suggested Facebook to their friends, it has been so popular in a short time. Today, Facebook is known as one of the biggest social networks with its millions of users. People do many activities on Facebook, a serious number of users log into their Facebook account and spend hours every day. They enjoy the time that they spend on Facebook. Users can know about what their friends are up to and also they can play games on Facebook. It is also enjoyable to share videos on Facebook. Some of the users even buy video views on their Facebook videos in order to increase their popularity.

What Kind Of Accounts Are Banned on Facebook?

Although it is fun to do all these, share videos, follow people’s updates, users are also interested in many other topics about Facebook. One of them is about banned profiles. As it is known, Facebook is so strict about inappropriate activities on Facebook. Because of that, Facebook provides its users to report those actions so that they are banned soon. The question is what kind of posts and profiles must be reported to Facebook?

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Report Users That Violate The Terms

Users can report profiles when they see their photos. Users who disturb other users, show offensive behaviors, do spam activities and those who share inappropriate content against the terms can be reported.

Fill The Form To Report Profiles

When you want to report a profile, you can need to write the required information in the form. Once you send your report, it will be checked and required action will be taken about the related profile.

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