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B2B Social Media Strategies (Tips & Ideas)

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for B2C (business to consumer) businesses. But what about other industries? Many B2B companies avoid using social media strategies for their marketing plan, and they think it is not the place they can promote themselves. We see many beauty products companies online but rarely see an instruction or IT company on social media. However, B2B social media strategies are crucial for every business now.

Social media is a good tool to promote B2B business, too. Many successful B2B companies grow their business with the help of social networks. To promote your business and increase awareness, you need to build a good B2B social media strategy.

How to Create B2B Social Media Strategies 

If you decide to build a B2B social media marketing strategy, here is how you can do it: 

  • Define Your Goals: The first step you need to do is defining your marketing goals on your B2B business. What do you want for your brand from social media? Maybe, you want to reach more people, sell your products, or just update your information on social media. Whatever your reason is, you need to define your goals to start to build a B2B social media strategy. 
  • Write Your Plan: Once you defined your goals, it is time to know your audience. Examine your audience’s profile and understand their expectation—search which method you can use to access your audience on social media. Determine the best tools for your business. 
  • Start and Test Your Strategy: Start to use social media strategy for your business. Try to understand people’s reactions towards your strategy. Then develop your strategy based on the information you collected. It is good to be open to new experiences, so use new social media strategies in your brand strategy. 
Ideas on B2B Social Media Strategies

Some Ideas on B2B Social Media Strategies 

If you know your target audience and the strong sides of your business, then you can try to do the followings:

  • Try to create a personality on social media. People always create connections with people instead of corporations. You can try to represent your brand with a personality. 
  • Use conversational language. Try to avoid boring company language on social media. 
  • Engagement is the key to social media. Don’t just post on social media platforms; keep a connection with probably next customers. Increase the engagement of your account on social media and generate leads.
  • Use different social media tools. Don’t think LinkedIn is the only one for your company. Try to use various social media tools to promote your business. You can’t know where you can find your new customers on the internet. 

Create Value Content for B2B Digital Marketing

Take advantage of every publishing opportunity to value your audience.

Every piece of content you post (both corporate and personal) is an opportunity to keep your audience “engaged” or to waste time.

You decide what you prefer to do. Quality> Quantity is not an excuse to publish only one time a month.

Every piece of content you post is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your industry. Prove that your company brings results. So yes, produce quality content and publish it consistently.

Videos, photos, interesting information about your team’s activities, interesting and fun news about your company, little tips to improve your reader’s day, strive to find interesting content.

How to Make Your Value

If you create quality content, but no one reads it, it will be all wasted effort! You need to aim for visibility to share your great content with as many people as possible to being able to dominate the market.

Always remember the search engine optimization! Selecting keywords that can help you appear on the first pages of Google will help your content be displayed. In addition to Google’s search engine, there are other algorithms to consider.

All social media work with algorithms that affect the visibility of a post. To get more visibility, you’ll need likes, comments, shares, etc. People, in short, need to interact with your content to make it viral.

You could spend many hours of your time manually contacting people on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and ask them to like your content or leave you a comment.

Or you could bet everything on Engagement Pods and dramatically increase your interactions on your content, optimizing your time.

What are Engagement Pods?

Engagement Pods (or Engagement Groups) such as an Instagram engagement group are private groups of people who help each other boost and improve their content visibility. By subscribing to a Pod, you can meet other people with similar interests, increase your likes and comments, and increase interactions.

This will make the network of contacts expand much faster. To give you some examples, if you are a painter, you should join a group of other painters, so both you and they will benefit from it.

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Many people are afraid that by pooling their followers, there is a risk of losing customers and business, but it is quite the opposite!

Sharing followers, friends, and contacts that follow you will also get those of all the other people within the group. This way, everyone inside an Engagement Pod will help each other.

The Pods’ power lies in the fact that they can be used both manually and through convenient automation that will repeat operations in your place.

There are Pods for every social, Facebook pods, Instagram pods, LinkedIn, and YouTube and Tumblr.


Social media is a powerful tool for B2B companies. B2B social media strategies can help you to get new customers, increase the popularity of your B2B brand, and even acquiring new business partnerships. It would be best to use conversational language and manner on social media tools to create a successful social media strategy. 

If you want to learn more about social media, please check out our latest articles about it. You may be interested in what social media management is.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Instagram is the perfect heaven for B2B marketing. Instagram provides a space for making new connections for every industry and every development stage. Since it has over 600M active users, it’s a gold mine.

Yes, social media tools are not only for B2C companies, but B2B companies also use them to increase their engagement between customers and gaining new customers. It is still the best marketing way for B2B companies. 

The summary of the difference in that way is, B2C marketing mainly focuses on quick solutions, whereas B2B marketing focuses on long term planning and building new relation channels in the business world. 

B2B marketers should first be listening and looking to their audience’s social preferences and optimize their monitoring capabilities to ensure success. Social listening is also essential to find out where current and potential customers are talking and what subjects are going through their minds before creating strategies to influence brand perceptions and identify sales leads.

B2B marketing is the marketing of products or services to businesses or other organizations for use in the production of goods, general business operations, or resale to other consumers such as a wholesaler selling to a retailer.

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