Does Follow/Unfollow Work

Does Follow/Unfollow Work

In this article, we’ll talk about Does Follow/Unfollow Work on Instagram. This is a very famous strategy in order to get more followers. See the thing is, most people actually hate this and think this is one of the worst ways to get more followers. But people still do it. If you clicked on this, then you wonder about it too. Let’s begin.


Basically, this is someone following you so that you’ll follow them back. After you follow them, they unfollow you. This is a tactic people use to have more followers, while they’re following fewer people to look “cool”. If you think this is “cool”, I don’t know what to tell you. So, Does Follow/Unfollow Work on Instagram? Honestly, I don’t think it works one bit at this point.

Who Uses This?

Mostly bots and spam accounts. There are also people who are desperate for followers. A word to those people… What if you’d actually get a life instead, wouldn’t that be cool? You’d surely get more followers that way.

Robots will never interact with your account in a meaningful way. They’ll never buy or promote your business/product. So they don’t matter.

The people who do this are incredibly desperate and they treat Instagram followers as a status symbol. They’re either very young or very stupid. Do you think these people will help your brand or account? Think again.

How to Overcome Follow/Unfollow

Sadly, as long as there’s Instagram there will be people who do this. But let’s talk about how to move above this. Let’s talk ascension. Wish we could, but this blog isn’t for that. There are 3 methods I pick to overcome this;

  1. Be mindful of who you follow back
    You need to focus on the quality of followers, not quantity. When someone follows you, just take a look at who they follow. Look at their username, look at their profile picture. You will get a general idea.If you follow these people back, all of the bots or the desperate people will see it. Afterward, your account will be a target for this scam. Don’t fall for those tricks.
  2. Don’t Use Hashtags
    At least, don’t use really popular hashtags. Such as #love, #coffee, #summer and such. Any hashtag that has over a million posts to it is in this category. This will be a magnet for follow/unfollows. Because these trolls are always on the lookout for these hashtags, that’s where they can find the most followers after all.
    Stay between 5.000 and 500.000 posts when you’re trying to find hashtags.
  3. Connect with Real People
    If you can improve your quality of followers on Instagram, your whole Instagram is going to be miles better. So instead of wondering Does Follow/Unfollow Work on Instagram, wonder about how to get more quality followers. Think of it like this. Instagram is about engagement, right? That’s its’ strong point. How will you engage with people if they’re desperate accounts or just bots? What matters isn’t how many followers you have, how many shares or subscriptions you have. What matters is the quality of the community you’re in. Feelings worth more than millions, people. When will we collectively wake up from this slumber; because it’s getting very late.

Does Follow/Unfollow Work


In this article, we briefly asked the question of Does Follow/Unfollow Work on Instagram. We answered it no, it does not. We talked about how to overcome this kind of tactic. If you want more followers, I talked about that in this blog. Check it out. No need to do these scammy tactics. If you want to get followers quick, then say no more; family! We do business involving followers, likes, shares etc. Yes, you can get real followers. As in humans, you know. What a time to be alive, I know… Check us out here.

We got real there a bit. I’d say we got real multiple times in today’s articles. Hope you enjoyed, if you did (or if there is actually someone reading these) leave a like, comment, anything really. We love to connect.

How to Write Instagram Captions

How to Write Instagram Captions

In this article, we will talk about how to write Instagram captions. Creating engaging, catchy captions usually isn’t easy. Most people only use emojis or just some funny words. But is it enough? Lately, many users are saying they love captions almost as much as the pictures which is a big deal if, you know how much of a visual platform Instagram is. Let’s not waste more time, I need to write another blog post then do editing. Quantity over quality over here, people. But that’s not how it works on Instagram.

Methods on Writing Good Captions on Instagram

1)Determine the Desired Reaction

What do you want people to do after reading your post? Do you want them to visit your website, do you want them to buy your product, do you want them to read more on this on your blog? Decide the reaction you seek. You need to plan all this, chaos brings destruction. (Although chaos and order are not opposite things, but this is way too deep for an Instagram blog.)

2)What is the Purpose of the Post?

You need to know what the purpose is of the post. Sometimes it’s just visuals you liked sure, but even then there’s a reason. The reason is that you liked it, and you wanted others to see. So, what is your reason for posting that specific post? Is this to inspire your followers, or to educate them? Are you posting this because you want to give a face to your brand, or is it for promotion? Know the purpose.

If you want to know how to write Instagram captions, you need to understand all this. I believe in you.

3)Write the Caption

Most users suggest you should write using the Notes app. They also say voice to text works better, which I partly agree. I’d use voice too if I wasn’t in office.

Now get to it. You made the plan, you thought about the reaction, you thought about the purpose. Now it’s time to do it. Honestly, most people like captions that are emotional. You know why? Because you can’t fake them. For deep down, we all want the real. Because we just settle for the fake trying to justify with everyone’s doing the same. See this reaction I got? This is because of some captions I looked at.

4)Emotional Responses & Effect of Art

How to Write Instagram Captions

“She was a diamond in a quarry full of quartz.”

How to Write Instagram Captions

“If people were rain, then I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.”

The one above is one of the quotes I love the most. It’s from a John Green book, called “Looking for Alaska”. One of the greatest young adult books, be sure to check it out.

Using book quotes for captions is a great idea, because the audience usually likes it, and it is real. It is art, people. Art is what separates us from animals, wake up already. This is a controlled form of art itself, life became mediocrity instead of art, think about what that means. If you want to stand out, you are going to be real. Not should, not will, not ‘gotta’. Going to. How to write Instagram captions? Well, you have to be a bit real. Harsh but true.


After you wrote your post or caption (by the way, you can use apps to format your captions), choose a couple hashtags for the post. The hashtags have to go along with your post and caption, remember. You can find apps for tags too. If you choose one, they’ll find you others that are related to it.

6)Post It

This is the moment of truth. Post it and stick around for the first 45 minutes, or at least for the first 10 to 15 minutes, to hang out with your followers and gain engagement. If they comment fast, respond to them fast. Don’t forget, the first 45 minutes on Instagram are the most important in order to be a popular post.

The post is the start of something, not the end. The caption gets a reaction, it starts a connection, keeping it going increases attraction.


Keep an eye on Insights and Analytics. See what your audience likes and what they don’t like. If you go with your audience’s taste and evolve together, you’re bound to grow.


In this article, we talked about How to Write Instagram Captions. I gave you 7 methods, I got too artsy, probably got way too real for a website and blog like this. But hey, enjoy it while it lasts. If there really is anyone reading these, of course.

Hope you liked, comment, like share etc. See you in another article. Oh and the link to site yeah.


How to Get Verified on Instagram

How to get verified on Instagram

In this article, we’ll talk about how to get verified on Instagram. It really isn’t an easy task. It’s easy to apply for it, but Instagram rarely gives people the blue tick if they’re not a celebrity of sorts. Other social networks have similar verification symbols. Facebook, Instagram’s owner, operates similarly, it also uses a white tick on a blue background symbol. Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest also all have this verified status.


Verification on Instagram signifies authenticity. It means that you are who you say you are. Getting verified on Instagram makes it sure that when people search for a specific account or a person, they find what they’re searching for. If an account is verified, it means that account is not an imposter, or a fake account, or a fan page.

But how Instagram operates on this verification process is different than Youtube, for example. If you’re not a public figure or a celebrity of some sorts, Instagram thinks that there’s no reason for anyone to impersonate you. Hence it usually doesn’t give ordinary people the blue tick.

How to get verified on Instagram

Instagram Statements

Instagram states that it’s up to them to determine who is a public figure and who is not. This means even though you may think you have a good chance of getting verified, you may not end up getting it. Instagram states their policy as; “Currently, only Instagram accounts that have a high likelihood of being impersonated have verified badges.

Instagram rejects the idea of the blue tick being a status symbol, but everybody uses it as such. And even though Instagram seems strict on this, we see many users with the blue tick. How does this happen? We’ll find out.

How Can You Increase the Odds of Getting Verified

Long story short, you need to become a public figure, global brand or a celebrity. If you can become a real influencer, that’s how to get verified on Instagram. But you can increase the odds by getting verified on another platform. What a life, isn’t it, where our biggest trouble is how to get verified on Instagram. That’s how the system works!

How to Get Verified on Instagram

1) Get More Followers and Engagement

If you want to be an influencer you need to have followers. If you want to be a public figure you need to have engagement with your followers. You know about this already. Check our previous article on how to get more followers. You can also buy followers to get a bump, which we have this service and we’re the best in the game.

2)Gain Popularity on Parallel Platforms

Which platform is similar to Instagram? Usually, we can say it’s Youtube. Think about why you’d need to get verified. Don’t only think about how to get verified on Instagram, also think of why. It’s because people are going to search for your account on Instagram. How can you achieve this? By being popular in another platform. There are a lot of YouTube and (also known as TikTok now) users who are verified on Instagram. Because people search for them.

3)Risk of Getting Impersonated

As I mentioned early in this article, the main reason why Instagram verifies people is that it doesn’t want imposters to get on their platform. So if you’re really ambitious on getting verified, then you need to keep a low profile at first. Still, have a link to your other accounts and have your name in the bio. But the risk of getting impersonated is your biggest chance on getting verified. This is risky though, if Instagram realizes you’re doing this on purpose, you’ll be banned.

4)Media Partner Support

Instagram calls this “Media Partner Support”. Media partners can submit verification requests on behalf of public figures. What does this mean for people who don’t live in Beverly Hills? It means you need a media partner, a manager or an agent of sorts. If you have this, Instagram has a much higher chance of seeing you as a celebrity.


How to get verified on Instagram

In this article, we talked about how to get verified on Instagram. I’d talk a lot more, but it’s quantity over quality guys. Such is life, right. Honestly, even though if you try your hardest, you may not get the blue tick. But the 4th method is usually the one it works the most.

We’re at the end of this article, thank you for reading. Leave a like, comment, whatever. Check our other articles out too.

Does Influencer Marketing Work

In this article, we will ask the question of; “Does Influencer Marketing Work?” Influencer marketing has a pretty solid track record, but it needs to be used properly to get the best out of them.

Does Influencer Marketing Work


What is Influencer Marketing

If you’re not familiar with influencer marketing, it’s marketing that focuses on using influencers to drive your company’s brand message to a larger audience. Instead of marketing directly to consumers, you use “influencers” to promote the product for you. Basically, you add a middle-man, usually very effective middle-men (or women!) though. This is especially effective when used on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter, and other sites.

How Does it Work

It identifies key product or brand influencers, manually or with the help of a platform. Then it creates an advertising/marketing operation directed at the said influencers. After that, it creates a second marketing operation, in order to drive greater awareness. Finally, it tracks key metrics relating to sales, reach and brand awareness. Check this article of ours, I explained and talked about this before. If you didn’t understand yet, then don’t worry, I’ll give an example.

Does Influencer Marketing Work

The picture you see above is Influencer Marketing in its’ core. This type of advertisement was around for a long time, much before the internet we had “celebrity endorsed ads” which were celebrities using certain products, talking about them, mentioning them casually in interviews and such.

This is how the game works. If you’re still wondering Does Influencer Marketing Work, the answer is yes it does. It always did.

Why Does it Work

Does Influencer Marketing Work

Look at the numbers. Does Influencer Marketing Work, because to me it seems like it does.

It works because people love their influencers. Even the name influencer. Their thing is to influence people. They are not just actors, singers or streamers. They have a fanbase, their fans listen to them, look up to them, see them as an authority. The logic of this is simple, it’s always been simple. “I like this person and this person likes this product, it means I will like this product.” Essentially that’s it. At least it’s getting more and more transparent recently though.

To give society some credit though, celebrities before modern times were much worse. They did not interact or care about their audience. Modern influencers don’t care much either, but they at least have to act as they do. That’s surely a step in the right direction, right?

Future of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is on the rise. Not only for businesses and companies but for average people also. They are starting to hear about this “Influencers” and they want to become one too. Being an influencer is the new cool. Nowadays there are Micro-Influencers, Guest Posts, Self Aware Brand Deals and much more.

Considering Instagram is going this high and Youtube fixing their ad algorithm so that companies would come back; I don’t think Influencer Marketing is going anywhere soon. This is a very promising and interesting form of marketing, especially the transparent part of this concept is catching a lot of eyes. If it can evolve a bit better, this can change the whole media. Let’s face it, people, us millennials have the power to change a lot of things at the core. We only need to have integrity and be true to ourselves.


In this article, we talked about Does Influencer Marketing Work. We decided yes, it does work. But this topic needs to get analyzed more thoroughly. Can Influencer Marketing impact all age groups? Will YouTube rise up to take a bigger slice of the pie? We will see. Thank you for reading, leave a comment, like etc.

Check us out, btw.

Boost Engagement on Instagram

Boost Engagement on Instagram

In this article, we’ll talk about how to boost engagement on Instagram. First of all, let’s learn what Instagram Engagement is. It says; “Instagram engagement refers to one’s degree of social involvement in the community as defined by at least one ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ on a post.” Well then, let’s get right in, I need to post more blogs and these days people use quantity for quality, so. You shouldn’t do that though.

4 Methods to Boost Engagement on Instagram

1)Post Stories

At this point in time, if you’re not posting stories then what are you even doing. I just talked about Instagram stories and how to get more views there, you should check it out. Stories are extremely useful in order to boost engagement on Instagram. Instagram Stories can drive traffic to a specific post while boosting the engagement.

Instagram stories also are displayed on the Explore page. At the top of that screen, you can see stories the people you follow post. This increases engagement, social reach, and growth.

2)Apply User-Generated Content

If you post user-generated content, which is what we call reposting, most of the time. Then followers who follow your hashtag can get a chance to get featured. This strengthens the connection between the account and the follower. It drives traffic to their account, it helps increases your follower activity, and you Boost Engagement on Instagram. Make personal connections, make your audience feel important, make them feel like they belong.

3)Instagram Pods

Boost Engagement on Instagram

These are also called engagement pods. Man, this is big. I’ll make an article on Instagram Pods and that’ll be the next article actually. An Instagram pod is a direct message between about 10 to 15 people who are in a similar industry as you. Pods’ rules differ, but basically, whenever a user posts something new, others share that post in the direct message, and everyone in the group is required to like or comment to new posts. This enables the post to rise to the top of the user’s followers’ feeds.

This is because if you wish to rank highly, your post must receive engagement immediately. No matter which group, interest or hobby you have, there is an Instagram Pod of it for sure. They usually either meet and connect on Instagram Direct, or on Telegram. This method is a bit controversial but try it. If you can make a group that does good work, you will boost engagement on Instagram.

4)Know Your Audience and Act Accordingly

Boost Engagement on Instagram

If you want to boost engagement on Instagram, then you have to know when your audience is active on a top level. If you have a business profile, you can already use analytics to access all data. Like we said in the previous method; if you desire your posts to go viral, you need to receive engagement within the first 45 minutes.


Engagement on Instagram posts may be decreasing, but with these 4 methods we just told you about; you can surely increase and boost your engagement on Instagram. These methods also help with your follower growth and the community bond. Put the time and effort to make your audience into a community, it will pay off.

Thank you for reading, if you liked, leave a comment or a like. Hope to see you in another article. Also, check us out.




Get more views on Instagram Stories

Get more views on Instagram Stories

The topic of this article is hot to get more views on Instagram Stories. You may be trying your best, posting stories that vary between 5 and 10, or above. You’re trying to make your Instagram active and involved, in order to gain more followers and more views on your Instagram Stories.

But you may be overdoing it though. Think about the stereotype Instagram person people make fun of. The person that cannot stop taking pictures, also the person who always looking for an event so that they can take and post a story. You may be this person. Anywhere you go, Stories are in your mind. But even though you try this hard and always active, always on your phone; you still can’t get the exposure and recognition you want.

5 Steps in Order to Get More Views

Let’s talk about what you can do to get more views on Instagram Stories then.

1) Be Creative, Always

If you want to have loyal followers and viewers on Instagram Stories, you need to start posting creative content. Be brave about this, Instagram Stories are only there for 24 hours. If they won’t like it, you’ll know. If they do, you’ll know. Check out Instagram Analytics to know.

2)Post Consistently, Not Always

As I mentioned at the start of the article, posting stories all the time in a chaotic matter isn’t really going to help you. You need to be consistent, you can use Instagram Insights to see when are your followers most active, or when they’re most likely to see your stories and such. Have a schedule, even if it’s just one day a week, post on that day. If you become a part of people’s routine, you won’t be forgotten. Don’t trade quality for quantity.

3)Use Location Tags

Get more views on Instagram Stories

You can be a business owner or an influencer, or just a person who wants popularity on Instagram. In order to get more views on Instagram Stories, using location tags play a big role. It can be an incredible way to increase views, reach and exposure. But why?

This is because Instagram is constantly searching the platform for user-generated content. Instagram loves reposting content that is created by others. Then this content is organized by the location of itself, then this becomes a framework for understanding that specific area. So basically, if you use location tags on your stories, Instagram is going to like you more and besides, people use location hashtags a lot more nowadays. This can also bring your business more clients, so that’s also a plus.

4)Taking Polls & Asking Questions

Get more views on Instagram Stories

If you want to know what your audience think of your content, or if you want to know what they want to say to you, or if you want to build a relationship with your audience (this is key for all social media success and even life success) then asking questions and taking polls are the answer.

Let’s say you have a new strategy, new ideas or if you just want to build rapport, then try asking questions. If you wish to get more views on Instagram Stories, -which you should if you’re on that platform- then take polls. People love to be a part of something, you taking polls and asking questions demonstrates that you care about your audience’s opinions. Try this out.

5)Importance of Hashtags

I talked about hashtags on this blog before. Check that post out, but we’ll go over it again briefly.  With the latest updates, hashtags evolved. Now you can follow hashtags, and lots of people are doing just that. Because following a hashtag is essentially following a topic/trend you’re interested in. Isn’t that why people usually follow accounts anyway?

For example, you can check #photooftheday or #nowheremagazine and such. When you check these hashtags, you’ll start to see patterns. These communities have loyal and active followers. Honestly, hashtags are so big I’ll make another post on it. Finding small, up and coming communities and being active (not overly active though) there can help greatly to get more views on Instagram Stories. I know, I know. I have to do it though.


We reached the end of this post. In the post, we talked about how to get more views on Instagram Stories. Hope you enjoyed and found it useful. Feel free to leave a like or a comment, and see you in another article. Check us out, by the way.


Benefits of Instagram Business

Benefits of Instagram Business

In this article, we will talk about the Benefits of Instagram Business. Instagram Business first started in 2016. Even though most businesses switched to Instagram Business accounts by now, there are still some people who are undecided. Now certainly, there are differences between personal and business accounts. Both have ups and downs each, in which we will compare and contrast. You have to know which one would suit you better, otherwise, you won’t be successful in this. So, keep reading to find out if Instagram Business is for you or not. You can also check their website, I must say it’s a well sub-site. We’re the best in the game though.

Firstly, let’s begin with the main difference between an Instagram Business account and a personal account. With Instagram Business, you can access to features such as Instagram Insights, Instagram Ads, contact info and more. You can add your contact number much easily with Business. You won’t have to pack it all into your bio as you do on personal accounts. This is a big difference because if people can see your contact information easier, they will contact you easier. If they contact you easier, then naturally you’ll do more sales.

What are the benefits of Instagram Business?

Instagram Ads

A lot of businesses rely on Instagram and Facebook advertisements to spread awareness about their brand and get exposure by putting their business in front of their target audience. If you wish to have access to Instagram ads, then you must have an Instagram Business profile.

Instagram Insights

Benefits of Instagram Business

Look at all that data above. Look at how beautiful it is. This is the future everybody, welcome to it. It’s peak analysis. This is where dreams and reality collide. You’re in it now. It’s amazing, what a time to be alive…

This is pretty much the biggest reason why lots of Instagram users are switching to Business accounts. Insights and Analytics are both amazing tools. Instagram Analytics especially gives you a comprehensive amount of data on audience demographics, engagement rates, impressions and a lot more. Instagram Analytics is something else, you simply cannot exist as a business without it at this point. Even if you did, it’d be a lot harder to succeed without.

Insights for Business Profiles Have;

  • Age range
  • Top 7 recent posts
  • Gender follower percentage breakdown
  • Where top followers are from(country&city)
  • Entire impressions for the week
  • Story Insights (don’t sleep on this, it’s also big)
  • What days and times in the week your followers are most active on Instagram.
  • Impressions, reach, and engagement rate for your posts. For the last week, month, three months, six months, a year and two years.

Story Links

If you have an Instagram Business Profile that has over 10k followers, you can direct your audience to numerous links with this feature. It can be event tickets, websites, products and much more. This is a huge plus for your business in order to increase your financial opportunities.

Contact Info

Another one of the numerous benefits of Instagram Business is that you can put your contact information button directly on your profile. You can add your e-mail, phone number and/or address to your profile easily. We talked about this earlier in this article. Remember, if they contact you easier, then naturally you’ll do more sales.

Promotion and Partnership

This is very helpful for businesses who do promotion and partnerships with influencers. You’re required to uncover sponsored ads in every post normally. Now you have the option to just add “Paid Partnership” to the top of a sponsored post. Also, it gives you Insights into the performance of the post. Check our previous articles on Influencers. Check those out, very nice articles for real (not saying because I wrote them, ofc).


In this article, we talked about the Benefits of Instagram Business, in general. If you’re an upcoming business, having a business profile instead of a personal profile has many benefits then. In the end, it’s about which features you wish to find. But considering Instagram Ads and especially Instagram Insights, moving to a business profile seems like a great option. Switching to Instagram Business is free and you can always switch back if you don’t like it, so, what’s stopping you? Instagram seems to be growing on a spectacular speed, get in it while it’s hot.

We’re at the end of our article once again. Hope you liked, if you did; then please leave a like and subscribe. It gets lonely here with no comments. Share the love people.


Instagram Story Metric

Instagram Story Metric

In this article, we’ll talk about a key Instagram story metric. What do I mean by this? Firstly, we need to get into Instagram Stories. But I’d like to think you all know stories by now. It’s incredibly popular, everyone’s using it. Even business accounts, over 50% of them use stories.

We all know Instagram stories, we’re not that good on Instagram Story Metric, known better as “Instagram Story Analytics”. I will analyze the analytics thoroughly in another big article. In this one, we’ll focus on one key Instagram story metric. First, let’s talk about how to find your Instagram story metric;

  1. Open your Instagram, tap your own picture on the upper left, start viewing your story.
  2. Swipe up while your story is playing.
  3. You will see a ton of information here. Discovery, impressions, navigation, interactions and more.
  4. If you used an interactive feature like a poll or a question, you’ll find the results here.

Now here is what we want to find. In order to create better, more engaging stories; this is what you gotta watch out for. Are you ready? It’s called;

Next Story

Instagram Story Metric

What is “Next Story”? It’s a bit self-explanatory but let’s explain it fully. Gotta be of service truly. Can’t leave any detail blurry. Okay, let’s keep going.

Next story tells you when people skip ahead to the next user’s story. Usually, this is low, between 5-10% of your total story viewers, but nonetheless, it’s an important part.

Why Is It Important

So this is basically when they’re bored of, or over your content. You should be trying to keep people interested. If they’re leaving your stories altogether, you may need to think about whys and hows. The goal is to keep people in and keep them interested in your content.

What to Do About It

When you’re going through your stories, always check that number. If there is a story in particular where the number of ‘next story’ clicks is high, analyze what was different about this story. There’s a reason people hit the next story. You need to understand what made people skip, in order to not repeat that again.

On the contrary, if a story, in particular, has a very low next story clicks, again analyze what’s different about this story, too. Consider what was different in this story that got people interested. Your audience resonated with it, can you do it again? Sure you can.

All this is about getting intentional so you can work better. Smarter, not harder. The goal is to create a successful social platform that doesn’t take all your time and attention.


Instagram Story Metrics or Instagram Story Analytics, in general, is a great tool to use in order to figure out what’s wrong or right with your stories. In this article, we briefly mentioned a key feature. This can be seen as the first part of a series where I’ll analyze Instagram Story Analytics. Hope you enjoyed, we love to connect to feel free to drop comments and such. Also check us out, fellas.

I want to thank Chris Emmer from sweatywisdom for her inspiration and help. Below is her video on this topic. Check her out, she has great content and is active. Maybe one day we may even collab, dare I say?