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Alternatives to the ‘Please Find Attached’

We’ve all had times when we’ve had a hard time writing e-mails. We had a lot of concerns, such as whether I was professional enough, why I didn’t choose another word, did I send everything thoroughly, and so on. Although it may seem easy to write an e-mail, it is actually something that contains a lot of small details and is quite tricky to write. Especially when we want to transmit a document related to a business, it can be difficult for us to figure out how to express this in professional language. That’s why there have been times when we all use the phrase ‘please find attached’; it seems like the right thing to do. But this is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes we make. There are a lot of alternatives to the ‘please find attached’ phrase you can use.

Let’s find out the best synonym phrases together.

Using the Please Find Attached Phrase

It’s old-fashioned to use this pattern when sending e-mails and a very formal one. It seems like that you are giving an order as a message from the bottom rather than making a request to the person you e-mailed. Also, using such a pattern is a waste of words. If your e-mail contains a document, this is already evident. Therefore, if you do not say that there is already a document in the e-mail, it does not make much sense to announce it in such a separate way. You can look up synonyms for ‘please find attached’ instead. There are many alternatives that you can use instead of this phrase. Using a good synonym can make your e-mail have a more positive meaning to the person you send it to.

Let’s look at appropriate synonymous alternatives that you can use instead of this outdated ‘please find attached’ phrase.

alternative phrases

Alternatives to Please Find Attached

  • Attach the file with no explanation
  • Take a look at the (file) I’ve attached to this e-mail.
  • I’m enclosing (file).
  • I’ve attached…
  • This (file) has
  • You’ll see the attachment below
  • I’m sharing this (file) with you
  • Please see the information below for more details about…
  • Here’s the document that you asked for,
  • (file) is attached.
  • I’ve attached (file) for your review.
  • I’m sending you (file) as a pdf file.
  • The attached file contains…
  • Here’s the (document) we discussed.
  • Please kindly find the attached file,
  • I’ve linked the (file)…
  • Attached to this e-mail…

You can use these alternative synonyms or simply don’t say anything at all. We are all used to seeing something in the attached file. It already catches the eye, so you don’t have to say it. It doesn’t make much sense to say anything if a file is already expected from you.

e-mail tips

E-Mail Tips

You’ve found that there are better synonyms you can use instead of the ‘Please Find Attached’ phrase. So the next time you send an e-mail with a document, remember to use different synonyms so that you don’t send a negative message to the other person. The same concern goes for the best regards vs. kind regards, too, so don’t forget to learn when to use which one.
Also, the most important thing when sending an e-mail is to keep it short but to the point. How detailed e-mails you need to send may vary depending on your job, but remember that no one wants to have to read long texts. So send e-mails that are short, to the point, and focused on the main message. In this way, you will make things much easier for the person receiving an e-mail from you, and you will not have any difficulties writing an e-mail yourself.

Attached File Size

In mass e-mail submissions, each e-mail you send has a certain KB / MB value. The attached files increase these dimensions significantly. For example, When you send an e-mail with a file size of 500 KB to 10,000 people at the same time, you create 5GB of traffic. This type of traffic creates serious costs in the background. Most importantly, sending the attached file causes the e-mail not to reach or fall into spam boxes at a higher rate. Many e-mail servers do not accept e-mails with attached files and do not deliver them to recipients for security reasons. It will be useful for you to reduce the size of the attached file.

Last Checks

If you have attached a file to the e-mail, do not forget to indicate it. Sometimes people don’t realize it’s a document, so if it’s important, make sure to mention it. And, of course, don’t forget to attach that document after you state that there is a document in your e-mail. This is one of the small mistakes that can be made. If you send the e-mail without attaching the document, you can send it as an extra reply to your previous one. Paying attention to such small details will make your job easier.


In this article, we showed you how you can specify the files attached in different ways, or in other words, synonym alternatives to the ‘Please Find Attached’ phrase. As you can see, there are many different discourses. Being original is up to you; express it the way you want. We all know that composing an e-mail is not an easy task. Once you find a better alternative phrase pointing to the attachments, a whole different problem arises; writing the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Phrases such as “Please find the attached document” indicate that there is a file attached to your mail.

It is a correct sentence, yet, there are other alternatives. You can look at the examples mentioned above.

Attachments appear in the reading zone. You can reach it by clicking on it.

The maximum attachment size that can be sent is 25 MB.

Downloads are usually installed in a folder called “Download”.

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