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Alternative Apps to Snapchat (Guide & List)

Although primarily recognized for the objectionable motives, Snapchat has created a lot of rebellion by young people worldwide. Thanks to the idea of dynamic communications, Snapchat became common within a brief period. Snapchat has since evolved exponentially and is now one of the most highly used instant messaging services. Alongside Snapchat, it also became prominent with the idea of images that disappear within minutes, and many others inventoried the same idea for their apps. Although not all have been good, here are some of the alternative apps to Snapchat that are the most potent and successful.

Alternative Apps to Snapchat List

Below, we listed the best apps that are the most suitable alternatives to Snapchat;


Unlike its rivals, San Francisco-based Wickr, which highlights entertainment and immediate consumption, claims to be the safest messaging app in the world. The “military-level security” message you see when you open the app also feels how serious it is in this business. Wickr’s first-round investment raised $9 million from investors, including the CIA’s investment arm, In-Q-Tel.

In the application where messages transmit in a cryptical format, no one can view the message’s contents except the person or device. The app that gives the user complete control gives users the right to remain anonymous and not collect personal information. Ip proxy takes place between the message dispatcher and its recipient. It also deletes metadata, such as the location of the user.

Wickr is an app for short-living messages, but its usage goals and conditions are quite different from Snapchat. With a more serious approach, messages sent through the application targeting institutions can last from seconds to 6 days. Users can share Dropbox or Google Drive documents through the app!



Slingshot is a second instant messaging program that can be a suitable Snapchat replacement. It enables you to send provisional messages. The difference with Slingshot is that by developing your own lovely and playful photos or videos.

Once you click a photo or a video, you can choose between two options. If your photo or video doesn’t match your expectation, you can either choose the ‘reshoot’ option. It lets you take a single clip. The second choice is to sketch, which means that you are well-advised to modify and submit your production.

Slingshot performs exceptionally well and acts without any boundaries. It’s easy, and nothing special user interfaces profile. You can also allow your friends to use the app by clicking on an automatic text sending feature. Secure, the software is good, and the auditors don’t make any significant criticism of this device.


The great thing about Yovo is to resolve one of Snapchat’s biggest weaknesses. While the pic or media file you submit on Snapchat fades away after a while, the recipients can still capture it and keep it in their archives. So you send sensitive, or private data that you do not want to leave any signs of it are insecure.

YOVO minimizes this insecurity and sends a variable misalignment wave on the screen that obscures out all things there, making the screenshot unnecessary even if it does not directly restrict taking screenshots. Yovo is not yet available on iOS, but will shortly make its debut there. Scott Richardson created the app.


Clipchat is an app like Snapchat that lets you share your images with a simple touch-based interface. This version looks like the clone of the previous one and is so close to Snapchat.

Unlike the quirky styles in other apps, Clipchat has an incredibly sleek interface that is much smoother than Snapchat. The user will receive a blurred preview of the picture once you send a photo via Clipchat. If you click on the button, an animation button will be transparent and not blur the image. Although picture sharing is the standard in Snapchat, video sharing is set in Clipchat.

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Clipchat’s cool, too. If you are a friend, you will even figure out if they’ve tried to take a screenshot of the screenshot that you sent them with this query. Clipchat is, therefore, a fast, enticing instant message that gives you a full unpredictable chatting opportunity.



Instant Cyberdust messenger is full of awesome features that are incredibly useful. In addition to the fundamental ability to send self-destructive messages that include Cyberdust in the alternative apps to Snapchat bracket, it has also put some remarkable properties under its cover. You can send stickers, gifs, animations, and URLs together with pictures that are gone after a couple of minutes. Even by writing subtitles, you can edit pictures. You may also add messages sent to remind you of interactions with Cyberdust.

Even in terms of reliability, cyberdust is very strong. Only authenticated files are submitted to avoid unauthorized use. It will also warn you if your receiver wants to copy your post, stopping the media from accessing the hard drive. It also enables you to send the same message, called Blast, to multiple users. Cyberdust is, therefore, fully loaded and stable Snapchat-like instant messaging.

Conclusion on Alternative Apps to Snapchat.

That is our summary of all incredible alternative apps to Snapchat that are instant messengers that allow you to send Snapchat-like messages. If you’re bored with Snapchat and looking for options, we hope the list will work for you!

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions About

Snapchat is an app-controlled self-contained social network, and it can’t be used in one way or another without updating the device. You can use Snapchat on your computer on Desktop or Mac if you can not run Snapchat for any cause.

If there’s any other app near Snapchat out there, it’s Instagram. The famous photo and video sharing application now provide a special library of built-in face filters that can be used as a story by uploading or submitting in Instagram Direct message.

A Snapchat spy app for the monitoring of user activities is an application. Somebody can monitor the Snapchat account of someone else remotely without them knowing it. Snapchat monitor apps are available to the newest iPhone and Android.

It doesn’t notify them with a pop-up notification on the screen. Still, they can see who checked their location by tapping the setting icon (in the snap map), and access to a list (if anybody has viewed their location).

Snapchat is an instant photo-sharing app with a twist: the images you sent disappear seconds after viewing it. You get to decide how long a photo will ‘live’ from one to 10 seconds after it’s been seen. It feels like a way to socialize without leaving a digital footprint.

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