How to Add an Instagram Story Link? (Solved – 2020)

How to Add an Instagram Story Link? (Solved – 2020)

Do you need to get more from your social media campaigns on Instagram? Marketing is a complicated business, and it requires a lot of hard work to master it. It’s possible for anyone who surpasses certain requirements to add an Instagram Story link to their marketing arsenal make it literally “swipeable.”

Well, if you ever thought that maybe you need to consider using your Instagram Stories in that matter.

As today, we will explain how you can add “swipe up links” to your Instagram Stories.

Also, it’s essential for B2Bs, B2Cs, and personal brands to comprehend those URLs’ importance in the digital marketing game.

The Meaning of Driving Organic Traffic to Your Website

Information and instant communication technologies are keeping on growing non-stop, and it seems like they are not going to stop any time soon in the future.

We can deliver a message to a broader audience in less time, and that’s actually almost at an instant. Social media networks are great platforms in order to do that.

Think about it — you create a message out of sheer enjoyment and it appears suddenly in where it’s intended.

That message will take only a fraction of a second to meet thousands of people around the world, if not millions.

Anyway, this is only true if your internet speed is high. Everyone had their hard times.

However, there is a sad part of this story that keeps eating social media platforms alive throughout this day: We are building a habit of diverting our already limited free time and erratic attention span to do browse the internet consciously and the right way.

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We spare lesser time to digest the content and the promotion we’re being targeted to in the digital world. It is crucial; we have to be rapid because life waits for no one in particular.

People are more likely to ignore something if it’s going to take a lot from their time. This is exactly why you need to add an Instagram story link to your Instagram Stories.

You can drive organic traffic directly to your website through these links, and you can analyze their CTCs through shortened link providers like Bitly.

We don’t want to see huge blocks of texts anymore. We want to see what we want to see.

Why Should I Add Instagram Story Links?

Let’s give this situation a much more simplistic approach. Do you like to play video games? Some people will answer yes, maybe more than watching a movie. If it is yes, then you are not alone. Many people enjoy cracking a cold one with the boys after a long day at school or work.

You would expect from the young generation to play video games with their friends, as that’s what all their friends and potential buddies are doing out there. If all those children they want to be friends were doing drugs, they would probably do it too.

According to the Pew Research Center’s researches, the %72 of American teens are playing video games, either on popular consoles like Xbox or Playstation; or on a regular computer or Mac.

We can easily get a point out of this situation. People’s participation in popular things is completely natural. Because as human beings we are not evolved to just watch rather than participating in the action.

In the social media world, this participation called the “engagement” data measures how many people clicked, tapped or whatever you wanted them to do with your post.

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This particular data is one of your targets to increase your popularity in the social media platform in question.

Now, tell me, wouldn’t you swipe a story if you could? Many people would do it!

How Swipe-Up Links Affect Your Experience

Did you ever wonder how these verified accounts are making stories with features like swipe up on Instagram? After adding the game-changing Instagram Stories to their features, people started to spend eight additional minutes browsing the social networking app.

While that is great for businesses and brands as it means more attention to get, and more contacts to build for themselves, if you are not directing your visitors to your main site, all that traffic could simply mean nothing.

Instagram thought about this and added another splendid feature for verified users to embed URLs in their Stories. Also, if you have more than 10,000 followers, you can use that feature too. This handy feature is commonly named by the community as “Swipe Up” links.

It’s important to understand that, back then, it wasn’t possible for you to add links anywhere else other than the designated field on your profile. However, you can use these swipeable links now to drive traffic.

How to Add a Swipe-Up Link to Your Instagram Story?

If you get the point, the rest is easy.

First, you need to meet one of these requirements to gain access to this feature.

  • You need to have more than 10k followers. If you don’t, then don’t worry, this number is constantly being decreased by Instagram.
  • You have to own a verified Instagram account.

You need to follow three simple steps:

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  • Create a Story and tap the “Add Link” button.
  • It can be either a photo/video you’ve just taken or some other image from your gallery.
add instagram story link
  • Add your link to the desired source. Do not forget that your link will open when the user swipe the screen up.
  • That is pretty much all. Just share your Story with the public.
add instagram story link

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this content. Now go and share some linked Stories to get more engagement!

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  1. This did not help because I see a lot of people that post their links on their page they are not verified I have over 80,000 followers and I am not verified in my account is a business account but each time I click the link and I put it in it always says call to action at it and it never post my link at all but I see so many other you tubers that are not verified that can.This did not help because I see a lot of people that post their links on their page they are now verified I have over 80,000 followers and I am not verified in my account is a business account but each time I click the link and I put it in it always says call to action added and it never post my link at all but I see so many other youtubers that are not verified that can