How To Add Instagram Story Link 2019

How To Add Instagram Story Link 2019

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Do you need to get more from your campaign on Instagram? Maybe you need to consider using your stories in that matter. Add Instagram story link to make it literally “swipeable”. So here is how to do it and more importantly why to do it.

Information technologies are keeping growing today. We can deliver a message to more people in less time actually almost an instant. Social media networks are great platforms in order to do that. Think about it you just need to create a message and it is just there to meet thousands of people. But there is a sad part of this story which keeps eating social media platforms even today. We are evolving to read information in lesser time. We spare lesser time to consume the content. And this is exactly why you need to add Instagram story link to your beloved story posts. Because we don’t want to just see them anymore

Why Should I Add Instagram Story Link

Let’s give a much more simplistic approach to this question. Do you like to play video games? More than watching a movie maybe. If it is yes then you are not alone. Many people believe this way. According to Palo Alto Medical Foundation, %92 of American teenagers are playing video games. And this participation is completely natural. Because as human beings we are not evolved to just watch rather than participating in the action. In the social media world, this participation called the “engagement” data measures how many people clicked, touched or whatever you wanted them to do with your post. This particular data is one of your targets to increase your popularity in the social media platform in question. Now tell me wouldn’t you swipe a story if you could? Many people do!

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How To Add Instagram Story Link

If you get the point the rest is easy. First, you need to meet the requirements and by requirements, I meant only one. You need to have more than 10k followers. If you don’t then don’t worry this number is constantly decreasing by Instagram.

You need to follow three simple steps

1) Create A Story And Click The “Add Link” Button

It can be either a photo or some other image from your gallery


add instagram story link

2) Add Your Link To The Desired Source

You can add IGTV link if you desire

add instagram story link

4) Share Your Story

That is pretty much all. Just share your story with the public.

add instagram story link

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this content. Now go and share some linked stories to get more engagement!


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