7 Ways Of Being Popular On Instagram

7 Ways Of Being Popular On Instagram

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How To Being Popular On Instagram ?

As social media has been grown very much, we have seen many people who has been popular on social media. Some of them have much incomes with social media. Instagram is the most popular social media app with its more than 500 million users. There are many people who have become popular thanks to Instagram and there are many people who try to be famous and popular. They try to increase the number of their followers. Some of them even buy Instagram followers so that they have thousands of followers in minutes.

Being popular is not hard as it used to be. Because there is social media. It is so simple to use and have followers. It is just need to make the right steps. When you make it done and be popular you can be well-known and famous as well as you can earn much amounts. We will explain what to do to be popular on Instagram step by step.

Profile Picture

First, you need to determine a subject and which subject is your profile related to. For example, some people create profiles about travel. They travel much and take pictures. They share their photos and videos that took during their journeys. Some of them are interested in photography. They take photos and share them on their profile. So, determine a subject and upload a profile picture which is related to your subject. That will the first impression to the visitor that what your profile is about. If profile picture isn’t related to the content of your profile it may not be effective.

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This is up to your creativity. It is best to write simple and short description about your profile. You can also create slogan.


It is effective to choose a username which is understood easily, which may be interesting. So, that will stay in mind and people may find your profile easily when they search.


Content is very important as you guess. Your posts should be related to your profile and they should be presented effectively. Too long texts or videos aren’t preferred. So, keep in mind that the less is better. Another important thing is being original. You shouldn’t share content that doesn’t belong to you. You can increase the number of your followers with interesting posts using your creativity.


If you share an interesting post with hashtags that will reach more people. Although it is very effective way of sharing your posts you shouldn’t use them too much. There shouldn’t be more than 10 hashtags under a post and of course they must be related to your content.

Tags and Location

If you want to being popular on instagram need to make original tags. It is good to tag your posts with related things so that you may increase likes. It is also important to share location. Especially it will be effective if you share location of a beautiful landscape.

Intervals and Time

Interval is important. It is advised that you can share 2 or 3 posts a day. More than 5 posts a day may be too much. It is good to wait for 5-6 hours after sharing a post. This is way to being popular on instagram.

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7 Ways Of Being Popular On Instagram
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