502 Bad Gateway Error & How to Fix It

502 Bad Gateway Error & How to Fix It

We visit many webpages, and from time to time, we can face frustrating errors such as the 502 Bad Gateway Error. In this article, we’ll provide you with the information to know what this error is and how to combat it.

What Is 502 Bad Gateway Error?

The HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. We’ll straightforwardly explain this error. 502 Bad Gateway is a server error response. It means the backend server received an invalid response from the frontend server. The server received the information request but was unable to fulfill it. In the event of this happening, the page might display some recommended actions and the HTTP status code for this error.

what are the causes of 502 bad gateaway error

What Are the Causes Of 502 Bad Gateway Error?

HTTP errors, while very common, are hard to figure out the reasons for. This is the case because there are quite a few reasons a server can experience this issue. The main three are:

  • The domain name of the page you’re trying to access is either not resolving to the correct IP, or it’s not resolving to any IP. This problem can be caused by a problem while resolving the hostname to an IP address. 
  • The server may not be reachable at that moment. Maybe the server is going through maintenance, or there’s a bigger influx of users than usual. These can cause the servers to be down.
  • A firewall could be blocking the communication between the frontend server and the backend server. If their Content-Management-System (CMS) security measures are overactive, they could be blocking requests from their systems.
how to fix 502 bad gateaway error

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

Unfortunately, most of the time, the solution to this error can only be implemented by the website’s host or developer. But all hope is not lost! Users can still try the following methods.

  • Reloading the page. This sounds simple and overused, but frankly, a lot of times, this will be enough to solve the issue.
  • If reloading the page didn’t work, you can try a hard refresh on your browser. You can perform this on windows by pressing “CTRL + Shift + R” and then on Macs pressing “Cmd + Shift + R.”
  • One other reason could be your DNS. If you’re using the default DNS configuration, try switching to a different one. Google’s Public DNS (, is one of the most commonly used options. 
  • And then lastly, clearing your browser cache as well as deleting the cookies might help with the error. 

FAQ About 502 Bad Gateway Error & Other HTTP Errors

I got a 502 Bad Gateway error. Should I be worried?

No. About ninety percent of the time, this error is server caused. Users shouldn’t be worried.

Is This Error Caused by My Computer/router/browser/internet Connection?

Most of the time, no, user-caused errors usually have 400s error codes. 

Why Am I Facing This Error?

There could be multiple reasons. We covered most of them in this article. It’s probably something wrong with the server.

Is the server of the website down?

This could be the case. To determine if a website’s servers are down is a google search of said website’s name. Example of this search: “Is Facebook down?”

Does This Error Mean the Web Page Is No Longer Available for Use?

Probably no. Since this is a common temporary error, it very rarely means the web page is unavailable in the long run. 

Conclusion on 502 Bad Gateway Error & HTTP Errors

These errors happen to all of us. It is important to note there’s no need to worry when faced with them; they are hardly ever user-caused.  If the error persists a long time, the page’s provider should be alerted to the issue. Errors are everywhere; make sure to make yourself as error-proof as possible by learning from our other posts. Here’s how to fix Instagram login error for example.

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