5 Ways to Spot Fake Instagram Followers

5 Ways to Spot Fake Instagram Followers

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It is a critical problem not just for you but also for prominent social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to have fake and bot accounts. They seem to be useful to increase the user’s presence in the social network. In reality, these fake and bot accounts for social media platforms and brands.

So, before you want to place an advertisement on any Instagram page, you have to look at whether or not the followers of an account holder are real or fake. There are different ways to make this clear.

In reality, fake followers are easy to spot and can only be handled at a cheap price.

Review Comments

One of the simplest ways to tell whether there are fake followers in an account is to review comments. For a normal account with 100,000 followers, you have to see an average of 50 to 100 comments. However, this number is between 1 and 5 in fake accounts.

Although it is very easy to buy followers, it is not that easy to get comments for an image or video from fake followers.

Look on Google

Google may help to spot an account with fake followers. One of the most well-known methods is to search for a photo of the profile you think fake. In order to do this, first, save the photo to your computer. Then go to images.google.com.

When you upload the image, Google will bring you images that are very similar to the photo. If you see the same picture you see on the Internet, click on it. If the photo is old and used for something else, the account you are trying to reach is fake.

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Fake accounts do not upload any content to their pages. Typically, such accounts have 3-4 photos. If they have many images or video, the date of sharing all these images or videos must be recent.

Also, look whether the fake account has any photos tagged with other people. If they are tagged, it means they are not the fake account. If it does not have any content tagged with other people, it increases the likelihood that it is a fake account.


The account’s info also helps you to identify whether the account is fake or not. The mismatch between the age of the person, the schools where he/she has finished, and where he/she works can provide you an idea of whether the account is a fake or not. Also, look for the person in question on other social networks. If the person does not have any presence on other social networks, it is probably a fake account because many people have presented more than one social network recently.


There are mobile and web applications to help you to identify fake accounts. One of these web applications is HypeAuditor.

When you enter the account’s username, HypeAuditor analyzes the account and provide you with a general idea. You can also see the user’s follower quality and engagement so that you can have an idea of whether the account is real or not.

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