5 Amazing Instagram Features You Might Not Know About! 2019

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Instagram adds different features to the application by making various updates at certain intervals. These updates are usually made for users to use the application more easily. At this article, we will share 5 Amazing Instagram Features You Might Not Know About it. Maybe most of you don’t know about these updates. Or you don’t know how to use it. After reading all the details, you will understand how impressive these features are. Depending on what you’re using for Instagram, these features are useful. For example, if you are using to trade, you can better serve your customers with very different new updates (such as Video call feature). We recommend that you follow these updates for new filters, security settings and more fun video sharing. So, let’s start!

Top Instagram Updates

Hashtag Insights:

One of the most important things in Instagram is definitely Hashtag usage. with the new update, you will now be able to see how many views these keywords have taken and how they have worked. So you can give up unnecessary hashtag usage and try different hashtags. It was an update you needed to reach the target.

Video Call:

Video call is one of the most colorful updates of Instagram. Followers can now call you via video call option and make video chat with you. Don’t be afraid of spammers and harassers! Because of settings, you can specify who you want to receive calls and block unwanted calls.

Instagram features

Post to Multiple Accounts:

Are you complaining that the pictures and videos you publish don’t get much views? By sending everyone on your list, you can make them reach more people. With the post to multiple accounts option, you’ll get more interaction.

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Question Sticker in your Instagram Stories:

It’s a new update that’s so much fun for the users who are constantly publishing story! Do you want to know what your followers think about the content you publish in story? In that case, why don’t you ask them? Sounds good, right? According to the answers, you can organize your story content and share stories more effectively. Think of it as some kind of survey.

Close Friends:

You can have thousands of followers on your list. We’re sure you don’t even know most of them. They may not recognize you either. That’s the purpose of Instagram anyway. More socializing. With the close friends option, you can separate your friendly friends and set up a different group for them. You can send a private message to your friends in your close friends list and communicate privately.

Important Features of Instagram

We hope you like the list of 5 amazing Instagram features you might not know About list. If you would like to follow the Instagram Important features list, we recommend you check out our page. Because it is constantly being updated. As different updates are made, you can be sure to share it with you on this page.

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5 Amazing Instagram Features You Might Not Know About! 2019
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