3 Tools To Create More Effective Instagram Stories

3 Tools To Create More Effective Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories Can Change Social Media

Instagram Stories has been so popular feature of Instagram since it was released. Many users post stories and view other users’ stories, they have fun. Especially stories of those who have thousands of followers are viewed very much.

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As we said stories are one of the most used features of Instagram. So, if you make your stories look more interesting and creative more people will view and you may get new followers.

It is possible to make your Instagram stories more creative with some tools. We will explain them in this article.

Text Animation In Instagram Stories

Texts are important and they take user’s attention much. First, keep in mind that you can post videos on taken before 24 hours.

So, if you miss the time you might need to run the picture or video via a third-party app.

Adobe Spark Post is a tool that you can create animated effects to your photos.

It is an app which can be downloaded on iOS or can be used at desktop. First, you need to tap the green + sign to start using app.

Then, you can select a background source. After that, you can size it according to your choice and tap done.

Now, it is time to write your text and customize it. You can change the color, shape and style of the font. After you make those changes, you can tap done.

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In the next step, tap effects and then animation. You are free to animate the text whatever you wish. It is up to your creativity.

When animation is complete, it is ready to share. You can post it to Instagram stories.

Other Ways to Create Instagram Stories

Another app is Hype Type. It is available for use  in ios and it helps you to create wonderful text effects in your photos.

It is simple to use the app. Select a photo as well as a video from your roll or if you want you can record a video using the app.

You can record video lasting up to 5 seconds. You need to double-tap on the screen to add text to your video or image.

Then, type your text or you can use quotes from the app. After you add text, you can modify it when you tap the T icon. Choose text style, color according to your choice.

Tap the blue check mark when it is ready.

If there are videos which aren’t appropriate for use in stories because of problem with vertical sizing, there is an app to help you.

The app is InShot and you can download it on ios or Android.

This is a free app and that can convert any video to vertical 9:16 ratio which is appropriate size for Instagram stories.

So, it is easier and fun to create videos for Instagram stories. You can leave comments and write your experiences to us.

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