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25 Instagram Apps to Create the Best Content

25 Instagram Apps to Create the Best Content

Wondering what the best apps for editing photos, videos, and stories are? Looking for a way to build success on Instagram and need help? Find out everything you need for a successful Instagram profile below. Before we talk about the 25 Instagram apps to create the best content, let’s give some info on Instagram.

Instagram has more than a billion active users per month, of which as many as half (500 million) are active every day. The numbers achieved by this social network are fantastic, and we can say that Instagram is one of the few social networks that can threaten the popularity of Facebook. Instagram users share more than 4.2 billion likes every day, and data shows they have added more than 50 billion photos to Instagram so far.

Instagram has also become a great place to make money over time, as many have used their popularity to promote brands through their profiles. Such a development of the situation has resulted in many’s aspirations to reach many followers and cooperate with various brands. If you are one of them, find out below which article you need if you want to make your profile fantastic.

We have divided the applications into several categories to make it easier to choose what you need depending on your efforts. So we will first introduce Instagram apps that are used for photo editing. There will be applications for video editing, then applications for popular stories, and finally, we will end with a few additional applications used to plan posts and improve user reach.

photo editing applications

Photo Editing Applications

Instagram is a social network based on photos; that is, the focus is placed on the user’s visual experience. For a photo to look beautiful, it is usually necessary to perform several steps of color, light, contrast, and various other characteristics. Also, sometimes it is required to adjust the photo’s shape and dimensions, add more pictures to one or, if necessary, add some text to the picture. The following are applications for each of the above purposes.

Best Instagram App List:

  1. Snapseed
  2. VSCO
  3. PicMonkey
  4. Canva
  5. Framatic
  6. Fotor
  7. Square Sized
  8. PocketVideo
  9. Adobe Spark
  10. InShot
  11. PicPlayPost
  12. Diptych
  13. Videohop
  14. Film producer Pro
  15. PhotoWonder
  16. WordSwag
  17. Pixlr
  18. Insta Square
  20. Huji Cam
  21. CamCorder
  22. Unfold
  23. Framestatic
  24. FxCamera
  25. Camera360

1- Snapseed

At the top of our list of 25 Instagram apps to create the best content, we have Snapseed. Snapseed is one of the most popular photo editing apps on your smartphone. There are several reasons for its popularity. First of all, the app is free and can be used on Android and iOS smartphones. Furthermore, the application interface is quite simple, and users can easily navigate, which is excellent when you only do necessary correction procedures on a smartphone.

The Snapseed application allows you to edit jpg and raw files, making it suitable for slightly more serious photographers. Users can easily add various filters and adjust colors, contrast, light, and other photo features. Also, some more severe interventions can be done – such as removing objects from a photograph or, for example, adjusting the geometry of buildings in photographs. All this and much more makes this application one of the most common choices for editing photos for Instagram.


Second, on our list of 25 Instagram apps to create the best content, we have VSCO. Along with Snapseed, VSCO is a leader in the field of easy photo editing on a smartphone. If you are actively using Instagram, you may have noticed that some users put the hashtag #vsco next to their photos, which is clear proof that they have edited the images using this tool. According to available data, as many as 195 million photos on Instagram have the #vsco hashtag.

The app comes in two variants: the free version brings a host of filters and various other features, while the paid version comes with all the unlocked features that make photo editing flawlessly. In the free version, you get ten different presets to add to the photo to make it look better. Of course, there are also standard options for editing colors, contrast, light, etc.

3- PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a practical Instagram app if you want to edit a person’s face. Namely, through this application, you can reach a perfect complexion and face without freckles and all other irregularities in just a few steps. Through this application, it is possible to remove all irregularities on people’s faces from a photo, and it is fantastic when editing selfies.

Research has shown that photos that clearly show people’s faces achieve 35 percent more user engagement. Although this application’s purpose is face editing, this application can be used to edit landscapes and travel photos. The possibilities are many, and it’s up to you to try out what PicMonkey can do.

4- Canva

In the last few years, Canva has become a tool used by various creative industry agencies to create quality visuals for digital channels. Unlike all the previously listed applications, the Canva tool’s capabilities go in a completely different direction. Namely, Canva allows users to create beautiful graphics because there are already many pre-defined visual guidelines in the database.

5- Framatic

Framatic may not be one of the most popular apps in the world of photo editing, but data shows that this app has been downloaded more than 20 million times. It is an application that fits fantastically into the philosophy of Instagram because it offers additional features that will be attractive to your followers. Namely, the Framatic application does not provide classic photo editing but forces you to be creative and combine several different photos into one.


6- Fotor

Fotor is a free app that you can use on both Android and iOS devices and actually offers a combination of photo editing and collage apps. Unlike the robust applications we listed at the beginning of this text, Fotor is limited in some segments when it comes to photo editing. What makes one happy with this application is the simple addition of a multitude of filters to photos that immediately give a better and more exciting look to the photos themselves. On the other hand, the color curve’s quality function, through which you can easily arrange the tones in the photo, is also fascinating.

7- Square Sized

Square Sized is a popular application, even though its capabilities are not extremely extensive. It is an application that allows users to quickly crop a photo or change the dimensions of the image. In addition to just cutting the photo, you also have some easy editing options, but you may need the assistance of some of the other apps we listed above sometimes.

8- PocketVideo

While Adobe Spark is ideal for inserting animations into photos not available on Instagram Stories, PocketVideo is a free option for editing your videos on the platform. It has a template for editing a Snapchat Story project, which, despite its name, fits perfectly into Instagram.

9-Adobe Spark

Unique to the iPhone, Adobe Spark is an Instagram app that lets you incorporate animated elements into your images. Allows you to select templates in appropriate sizes for a variety of social media, including Instagram Stories. One of the most exciting features of Adobe Spark for Instagram Stories is that you can choose from several types of animations you want to insert into a photo, allowing you to convert them to videos in 4 seconds, ideal for content format.

10- InShot

If you already have horizontal video content but want to post it in the vertical aspect of Stories on Instagram, InShot is the best for iPhone and iPad or Android. It allows you to blur the corners of videos that won’t be used for Instagram history or replace external pages with a certain color or even import a background photo. You can also modify the intensity of blur or color as desired.

11- PicPlayPost

An excellent application for merging photos and videos into a collage, PicPlayPost allows you to include almost any media type to create a collage. It is compatible with images in various formats, including GIF. PicPlayPost also lets you include songs in your collage, making it one of the best Instagram Stories apps for creating different content from the platform. PicPlayPost is available on Android devices or iPhone and iPad.

12- Diptych

With features similar to PicPlayPost, Diptic lets you merge videos and images into a collage or turn them into a presentation – something the previous app also does. By default, it creates presentation slides, and to publish a portrait – used in Instagram Stories – and landscape format, you need to purchase the app. Also, Diptic allows you to add transitions, songs, and lyrics. Diptych can be downloaded on Android or iPhone.


13- Videohop

One of the Instagram Stories apps aims to provide more video editing options, especially to those who already have some knowledge in the field. You can capture videos from it or import files, choose their orientation (portrait, square, or landscape), and insert more videos into your project.

Videoshop also allows you to zoom in or out and create slides from photos. You can download this app from the App Store or Google Play.

14- Film producer Pro

Another video editor option – this time exclusively for the iPhone – Filmmaker Pro is one of the few apps that allows you to edit videos vertically, making it ideal for creating content for your Instagram stories. Another unique feature of the app is the ability to use your own fonts for your texts. Just send the file to your email, open the file on your phone, and select Copy to Filmmaker Pro. If the font is compatible with iOS, you can use it in the text you apply to your videos.

15- PhotoWonder

If you want to fix small imperfections in a photo in just a few steps, PhotoWonder is for you. Very simple and practical, it offers a multitude of filters and beautification options: makeup, blemish removal, and play with light. It’s not a premium look or option, but it always does the job.

16- WordSwag

As the name suggests, here the words work wonders, or rather their design. Insert your favorite quotes on attractive backgrounds, play with the font, and create breathtaking visuals. All this in a completely free version.

17- Pixlr

This fun app leaves you plenty of room to experiment and edit photos. In addition to adding text, creating collages, and having some other reasonably necessary photo editing features, this app will allow you to turn photos into drawings, change the background, and be truly creative in a variety of ways. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

18- Insta Square

Through this application, you will create photos that have line art graphics right next to you. In addition to changing the graphics’ position and size, the Instagram app also has a couple of fun editing options that will take your Instagram game to a new level. It is available for iOS and Android devices.


The FACETUNE application allows you to improve “flaws” – cover skin imperfections and dark circles under the eyes. Additional functions are also: teeth whitening and red-eye removal. However, we do not recommend using it too often. With FaceTune, it is easy to look at plastic in the picture.

20- Huji Cam

The Huji Cam app allows you to take an image that looks like an analog photo. The app is very easy to use, and with one button, we get a photo that looks as if it was taken with a disposable camera. Caution! It is impossible to predict exactly what kind of image you will get with the help of Hui (each of them should be unique). This is sometimes not practical enough, but it also makes Huji a very fun app.

21- CamCorder

A movie like with an old VHS tape on Instagram or Instagram stories? Just install the CamCorder app on your phone, turn it on and capture selected moments. The date seen in the recording is free to change.

22- Unfold

The most popular application for processing photos on Instagram stories for several weeks. It allows you to create almost minimalist templates and add subtitles to different fonts. You can use Unfold not only for photos but also for videos.

23- Framestatic

The next type is frame static. People with iPhones and iPads will love this app. It allows you to change your images with color filters but with ultra-high resolution. The latest version is screen support, and certainly, more is expected in future versions. Download this app to the apple store for free.


24- FxCamera

This is another free app that ranks among the best out there. The application, developed by Bitcellar on all mobile platforms, is both Android and iOS. The most interesting feature of this killer app is that it allows voice titles for photos. This is to say that it can be recorded as you take your photo. This is pretty surprising for a free app that can be downloaded, Google Play, or the Apple Store.

25- Camera360

Last but not least on our list of 25 Instagram apps to create the best content, we have Camera360. Talk app without ad apps or excellent photo retouching capabilities, and think about Camera 360. This app will help you to edit underexposed quickly or somehow dark photos without much fuss. All you will have to improve the opportunities is to click and select the night to achieve the desired results. It might prove tiresome at times, but it is the right choice for your Instagram. You can get this app from Google Play, Play Store, or any trusted source online.

25 Instagram Apps to Create the Best Content in Short

In this article, we gave you the 25 Instagram apps to create the best content. Instagram is one of the best places for filling your wallet since they have a large variety of apps that edit photos and help with brand promotion. If you are not satisfied with Instagram’s editing options such as the Story editing features, you can try these out. Instagram apps focus on visuals, which include the characteristics of contrast, color, saturation, and such. Advertisements such as photos also include dimensions, shapes, and text. All Instagram applications have different purposes and help the profiles rise in success. Want to take your productivity even higher?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Snapseed application offers you the option to edit jpg and raw files.

Yes, you can. VSCO is a free version app that offers you ten different presets to add to the photo to make it look better. In addition to that, there are also standard options for editing colors, contrast, light, etc.

Yes, there is an application by the name of Framatic which does not provide classic photo editing but forces you to be creative and combine several different photos into one.

PhotoWonder is very simple and practical; it offers a multitude of filters and beautification options: makeup, blemish removal, and play with light.

Yes, it is not recommended to use FaceTune too often. With FaceTune, it is easy to look at plastic in the picture.

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