How to Fix Unfortunately Instagram Stopped Error ?

What is Unfortunately Instagram Stopped Error ?

Instagram stopped error is social media app Instagram’s fixable error. When android users or ios users got this error to their Instagram, Instagram suddenly collapse and close itselves.


Instagram is most powerful photo and video sharing app in the world. This power comes from Instagram’s user numbers, it has already eight hundred million user and five hundred million use. These numbers still raising and we will get next statistics on summer or late.

But this huge number of user does not help Instagram for fixing errors. Because when user numbers are getting high the error numbers getting high either. So the unfortunately Instagram stopped error is happening now especially among to the android users.

Now we going to tell how to fix this error in three ways.

First way : In this phase you must delete your Instagram app from your phone and install it again. But before the reinstalling you need to shut off your android store’s automatic updates. We need Instagram’s very first version. Get the version in to this link ( install this apk and restart your smart phone.

Second way: In second step user should clear Instagram app data from phone’s memory and need to delete cahce in its Instagram. Go to settings, open the application manager then select all app tab and find Instagram app. Choice clear data and cache tap to force stop. Try to log in and if it do not work don’t worry we have a third step.


Third way : Third step can be complicate then others. Because in this step we need to make disable speed up your GPU feature. Open the settings and find about selection and open it. Scroll down your phone screen and tap seven times on “build number”. When you tapped seven times there will be apear a developer page. Find the speed up GPU and disable it. Shut your phone and wait a minute then open it and check you Instagram.

This is all we can do about unfortunately Instagram stopped error.

How To Create a Poll in Instagram Stories ?

What Is Instagram Poll ?

Instagram poll is a new feature for who wants to know own followers opinion about own story post. With this feature users can ask their follower what they think about. In this article we will explain how to do it and how to get poll results.


Create a Poll

Instagram poll feature available in Instagram stories. If you want to know your followers opinion about your story post you should start a poll in stories. First step is creating a story.

Creating story is almost known from everybody. But if you don’t know we can tell you with very understandable and short sentences. First you need to update your Instagram app then open it and take a look at top left of your phone screen. You will see a camera icon from there and tap on it. Now you are ready to share your Instagram story post.

Take a photo to anywhere or anyone then swipe the screen from bottom to top. You will see a deep menu but you need to select  POLL feature in there. Then a yes or no selection will appear front of your screen. Write a question top of them and confirm the poll.


You Can See The Result at Live

But if you don’t want to make yes or no poll you can also change your poll’s answers. In poll question you can only use 26 characters and you have only two response option for now.

When you confirm your poll, you can share your story with your followers. While your poll getting vote you can see which answer is more popular. Get to Instagram and your story then open the story statistics and see who joined your poll who said yas who said no. It’s a open survey and you can see who choose yes who choose no.

How to Create a New Location on Instagram via Facebook ?


What Is Creating New Location on Instagram ?

Creating new location on Instagram is adding your own location to Instagram via Facebook. Because Instagram uses Facebook’s map system in its location tags.

Instagram bought by Facebook almost nine years ago and from that day to today Instagram improved itselves with Facebook developers. Even new year’s first month they released several updates about direct message’s last seen, Type and GIF feature for stories and last week a news came up from some social media users.

This news was about stories screenshot feature, according to social media users new screenshot feature still testing by Instagram users. Maybe after few weeks from today we can use this new screenshot feature. What so ever they always trying new updates for users. Now we will describe creating new location on Instagram.

How to Create a Location on Instagram ?

Unfortunately Instagram users cannot add their locations with Instagram app. They have to use Facebook mobile application to add new location to Instagram. Instagram’s owner is Facebook, if you did not lived in a cave since by 2010 you know the relationship between Facebook and Instagram. Also Instagram uses Facebook’s substructure to every updates.

First step is easy, you just need to open Facebook mobile and then you need to select check in botton for find your exact location. If you could not find your location, we need to go step two for adding our location to Facebook and Instagram.

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Facebook’s Suggestions

In second step Facebook will show you closest locations but you need to press X sing for adding new one. These suggestions comes from your phones location system or from your most visited places.


Add Name Of Your Location

When you press X Facebook thought like “Could not find what you looking for ?” and then it will suggest to add new location. You can add your location with pressing to blue box from beside of “Add Your Location Here” text.


Choose A Definition For Your Location

In this step you should choose a category about your location. Categories are so significant for locations because if you running business people can find you with these categories. These categories are public so when you select one, all Instagram and Facebook users can see it.


Final Step is Create A Place

Final step is so easy, make on to your phone’s location and gps. Then Facebook will find your exact place and it will be marked there for you. Congrats you create your location on Instagram and Facebook. Now you can share your location on Instagram with your posts.


How To Bypass Instagram Screenshot Alert ?

Bypass Instagram Screenshot Alert Without Hacking

Instagram has new screenshot alert but some people does not like this new update. For them there are three way to take screenshot without notification. Firtsly we will introduce new Instagram screenshot alert.

New world order completly working online and in this situation internet users has worries about their private life standarts. When social media burst some people asked that question ” What about our private life and personal security at online arena?”. With Instagram screenshot feature they can be pleased.

Instagram has eight hundred of millions user and these are still growing day by day. This high potential of app gains more users and more users causes more security issues. But Instagram making new security protocols every year for protect of their users privacy. New Instagram screenshot and video capturing alert is one of them.

This new feature provides to users more protection from stalkers and who addicted to social media. When you make a story post on Instagram you can see who takes captures from your story. Now users only can be aware of their story posts, but in time Instagram can make it general.

How To Works Screenshot Alert

Screenshot alert works on Instagram stories. When someone takes screenshots from your photo or video, Instagram will put a screenshot alert sign next to his username. This sign can seen from your story viewer list, and also Instagram made a short description text for this sign at the viewer list. The following images in our article, you can see what we trying to tell.

  How To Shut Off Instagram Screenshot Alert ?

According to image from top you can see the screenshot alert from next to nbsalert. When other users got screenshots from your stories they will have the same sign from next to their usernames.

Second important information about Instagram stories screenshot fature is first screenshots won’t be alert them. Again according to a Twitter user’s photo Instagram just warn you for the first time. But its alert just for first time, then screenshot alert will deliver to stories owner.

First screenshots

Bypass Instagram Stories Screenshot Alert

As we like said before there are three ways for bypassing screenshot alert.

First way is so easy-to-do, you need to open stories who you want to take screenshot then watch it. Next step is taking flight mode to your smart phone. Then you can take screenshot witout any alerts. When you take your phone to flight mode, your mobile connection will be cut and Instagram can not notice anything without mobile connection.

Other two ways of doing these are same. In second way you should use a software named Instagram Stories Regram. You can find this programe in app store or google play. Third way is longer than others. For the third way you should log in Instagram from web service then you need to get story’s URL and finally you should find a online Instagram downloader for downloading story to your computer.

What Is Instagram Stories Type ?

Instagram stories type a new feature. Type is writing extension for Instagram story. It has more than two font and color options. So do you know how it works ?

Instagram Type Mode Images

Instagram has almost 800 million users and that number last November just was 700 million. In 2017 Instagram released two significant update for users. These are news feed update and multiple sharing with Facebook and Instagram. Instagram users greeted these two updates so positive. Now we have a new up coming updates.

Instagram Stories Type Featureinstagram_type

Stories typewriting mode is a writing mode. With “type” users can make long writing story posts and also they can share videos and photos at the sametime. This extension comes for who want more writing area on Instagram.

Some social media users wants to share their written thoughts with so long posts but sometimes they wants quick reminder post either. In this situation they share their thoughts on Instagram stories. But sometimes catching the harmony of writing needs more font options and more emotion.

Typewriting mode provides to users more and more writing about what they want to write. With that idea Instagram made this story writing mode. In type mode you can use bold font, italic font, neon font and more. Also you can add GIFs from your stories and with GIFs you can make very interesting Instagram story post.

Facebook and Messenger Can Have Same Feature

Facebook always tring to make his social media apps the same. Not similar the exactly the same. When Whatsapp had last seen and read receipt feature Facebook adapted these two feature to his system. And then Instagram adapted these two feature too.

We guess, this “effort to be the same”, bases to reality of marketing statistics. Because Facebook always tries to work with social media statistics.

In short term, that means we can see Instagram stories typewriting mode can be epidemic for other Facebook companies. And who knows maybe Instagram’s rival Snapchat will be get typewriting mode too.