10 Statistics on Instagram

10 Statistics on Instagram

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statistics on Instagram

Let’s talk statistics on Instagram. Instagram is incredibly popular among especially younger audiences and a very strong rival to any other social media platform. Latest stats show us they have over a billion monthly active users. That amount is two times Twitters and over three times of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

We talk about how and why Instagram is so successful in this blog, especially for businesses. But let’s back it up with statistics on Instagram this time. Let’s get some math in. Let’s act like there actually are people reading, if there are hello, by the way, leave more comments. It gets lonely here.

1)8 out of 10 of Users Follow at least one Business on Instagram

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you can easily turn your personal Instagram account into a business Instagram account. According to Instagram, every 8 users out of 10 (which is 80% btw) are following at least one business account. Every 6 users out of 10 heard about a product or service through and because of Instagram. Over 120 million users contacted businesses on Instagram. Be it calling, e-mailing, getting directions, visiting a website or direct messaging.

These activities are signifying interest. Which can be seen as leads. Instagram fans are either customers already, or potential customers.

Every 3 Instagram user out of 10 purchased a product they’ve first seen on Instagram. 30% of people made purchases just because on Instagram.

2)1 out of 4 Instagram Ads are Single Videos

While photo adverts are the main forms of advertisement on Instagram, video ads are also rising. These video ads are single videos that can go up to 60 seconds. About ad statistics on Instagram, 25% of ads on Instagram are video ads at this point. If you can get the audience within the first 30 seconds, they are more likely to stay and engage with your product/service.

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If the video has narration or has any speaking in it, you should add captions. Because according to Digiday statistics on Instagram, over 8 in every 10 Facebook video is being watched without the sound. It’s 85%, to be precise. Of course, Facebook and Instagram are different platforms, but they are also similar platforms in the nature of content consumption.

3)7 out of 10 Hashtags are Branded

Hashtags are quite big on Instagram, we all know this. Even if an Instagram post has just one hashtag, it rises its engagement rate by %12. That being said, don’t use too many hashtags because it turns people off.

A branded hashtag means it’s unique to your brand, business or marketing campaign. It can be simple or complex, it’s up to you. It doesn’t have to have your business’ name on it. But if you decide to use branded hashtags, we got good news for you. 7/10 hashtags on Instagram are branded. This alone means it works. But let’s talk more on hashtag dynamics.

The graphic below shows hashtag statistics on Instagram. The most successful posts have only a few hashtags, having only one hashtag is the best option. But keep in mind, this statistic is usually applying to big companies. If you’re a smaller business, you can use a couple more.

statistics on Instagram

4)Geo-Tagging Your Posts Adds %79 More Engagement

statistics on Instagram

Instagram likes its’ Geo-Tagging. They keep on building on that feature. It’s not a shocker that posts using the feature get more engagement, but almost 80% more engagement rate is quite impressive. Be sure to try it out.

5)Mobile Ad Revenue of Instagram is Over $6.84 Billion

statistics on Instagram

According to Statista, Instagram has over 6.84 billion in Mobile Advert Revenue. They made over $3 billion jump in just a year. This should give you a reason to join Instagram business if you still don’t have one. Additions like Instagram Stories helped Instagram to boost their revenue greatly.

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6)Over 7 out of 10 Businesses are on Instagram

One of Instagram’s biggest strengths is how fast it’s network is growing. While Instagram had 48.8% businesses in 2016, just a year later it became 71%. Of course, this is also thanks to Instagram Business launch, which was one of the best things Instagram has ever done, it seems.

At this time, there are over 8 million Instagram Business profiles. Just in late September ’16, this was only 1.6 million. It’s rising so fast, Icarus is starting to get jealous.

7)8 out of 10 Influencers Prefer Instagram Over Other Platforms

Looking at statistics on Instagram, influencers are quite powerful, and they’re getting more and more powerful as we speak. According to studies, 80% of influencers prefer Instagram for collaborating with brands. Next on the list is blogging, and that’s only 16%. Can you imagine? Instagram basically owns all the influencer business at this point.

statistics on Instagram

The big thing is though, Influencer market is going to get spicier. 67% of the businesses will increase their influencer marketing budget over the next year. Even if you use another platform as your main place for marketing, you should be on Instagram to find and work with influencers.

8)Photos on Instagram Generate 36% More Engagement than Videos

As we mentioned early in the article that Instagram video consumption has increased by 40%, photos still generate 36% more engagement (likes) than videos. Videos on Instagram are on the rise but photos on Instagram are still a safer bet if you want more likes and reposts.

9)Half of Instagram Comments and Captions Have Emojis

Instagram is a visual platform. Even when you’re writing captions or comments display images with emojis. It’s safe to say we all love and use emojis. Statistics on Instagram show us that there are over 2600 emojis available. Emojis are the fastest growing language in the UK, it’s evolving much faster than some other ancient forms of communication, like hieroglyphics.

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Interestingly enough, Instagram’s research showed us that Finland is the country that uses the most emojis. They have an average of 63% on posts containing at least one emoji. France comes a second with 50%, UK has 48% and Germany has 47% of emoji use in a single Instagram post or comment. This research was done 3 years ago, so the percent of emoji use probably went higher by now.

10)8 out of 10 Instagram Users Live Outside of America

If you’re a business owner that’s not from the US, good news for you. Instagram is active worldwide, it seems that more than 80% of Instagram users are from other places that are not the United States. You need to think globally when you’re doing business on this platform. Because there are people from everywhere, and it’s only going upwards. If you can reach people from all over the world, you can do anything. You’ll be above local crises and such.



Instagram is a great platform. Be it for just social media, social marketing, advertising or influencing, it has all. Study these statistics on Instagram, we probably will do a ’round 2′ of these and post more. If you ever want to get into social media marketing as a business, wanna be a seller, advertiser, influencer or just a buyer in this platform; now’s the time.

Hope this article was of any use or entertainment for you. We thank you for reading this, if you liked it please leave a like, and comment on anything you’d like. We hope to see you in another article.

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10 Statistics on Instagram
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