10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites

10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites

We need to use images in business and education presentations, new content to websites, news, commercial projects, blog posts, social media accounts, and many other things. However, it may take a lot of time to find and arrange high-quality free photos and free images that suit us. We prepared ten free stock photo sites for those who don’t want to waste much time searching for images. These sites free us from copyright restrictions or CC0 license, so you can find the best free photos, copy and use them as you wish without paying any money.

Getty Images

That is a site where you can get photos on every subject you can imagine. When choosing your photos, it helps you to optimize them with the appropriate options. After typing a keyword for the image you are looking for, you can separate those into the best match, newest, and most popular choices. You can decide how many and what age group of people, and also people composition in photos. You can determine the quality of the picture. Also, you can view the desired image in three categories: 12 MP and larger, 16 MP and larger, 21 MP and larger, or you can display them simultaneously. It offers you the option to image style such as copy space, abstract, full-frame, portrait. Moreover, you can decide which color the photos should be and by which photographers take them. All these photos are available free of charge when you choose royalty-free collections.



You can find high-qualityfree stock images on this site. It provides rich content from wallpapers to photos that you can use in academic presentations. Also, it prevents you from wasting time searching for pictures because it categorizes them as colors, place, creativity, animal, and style. It does not only provide free stock images but also videos. Furthermore, this site does not only offer visual content. You can also read the photographers’ interviews. 

Iso Republic 

That is the site where you can discover high-resolution images! You can find many different photos of each topical you want. There are many additional topical photos under various collections. They are all CC0 and entirely free for personal and commercial projects

This site makes it easy to find the photos you need with rich categories such as animals, people, architecture, objects, nature, abstract. Also, you can reach videos and blogs on the website. 

The Pattern Library

This site is beneficial for finding backgrounds for your designs. You can also find great cover photos for your social media and cool wallpapers for your technology devices. The images are public domain, so you don’t have to worry about money. You can find various photos, from dark photos to colorful prints, here.


This site provides high-quality stock photos. These photos can be used for free for commercial purposes and personal. You can edit pictures depending on your creativity. By writing the keywords to the search engine on the site, you can find the images you need. You can choose among different categories if the photo is a vertical or horizontal photo, a whole session, or just single shots, etc. It’s entirely up to you!


This website was founded and created by Ryan McGuire. It presents you free to use images for both personal and commercial projects for free unless redistributing them to other people to use. You can adapt and modify the photos and get paid for work that combines the pictures. The website provides various models of high-resolution free stock images. You can add your logo to it and use it at any desired time, as long as the picture itself is not a commercial thing.

life of pix

Life of Pix

You can find rich content in many areas on this site. It provides the opportunity to create your own portfolio, personalizing your photos, and follow your photographers’ works. Discovering photographers’ best shots every week, having an opportunity a quick look at all the images you liked are great ways to explore others’ creativity. You can edit photos according to your own flavor.

New Old Stock

This site is an excellent opportunity to recapture history! It invites you to time travel with its rich content. All photos are public domain and free from copyright restriction. You can use these free images for websitessocial media accounts, wallpaper, commercial purposes, blog posts, unique designs, and so on. 


This site combines many high-quality stock photos, vectors, videos, illustrations, and music. It offers them free of charge for personal or commercial purposes. Suppose trademarks, publicity, or privacy do not protect the content you use. In that case, you can copy, modify, distribute, and use them all without asking for permission or giving credits to the artist. Those who want to enrich their social media account, looking for photos for their presentation, who are bored with wallpaper, those who search for free images for websites, in short, anyone who wants to browse many pictures from different categories should visit this site.



Picography provides high quality and royal free stock photos. You can access numerous images of nature, friendship, technology, animals, abstract, food, music, architecture, sports, transportation, and more. All pictures on Picography have a CC0 license, so feel free to use free for personal or commercial purposes, copy, share, edit without paying money, taking permission, or giving reference to the creator of the work. 

FAQ on 10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites

What does the CC0 license mean?

The Creative Commons License is a separate public copyright license that can be distributed free of charge for a copyrighted work or tool. When a work creator wants to give the right to share or make changes to his/her work for use, s/he uses a CC license.

Can I upload the photos I took?

These sites give everyone the chance to create an account and upload photos. If the editors on the site find them suitable, these photos are included on the site.

Can I sell the photos I use after editing?

No, sites do not allow this. You can use images for free as long as you do not redistribute.

Can I share photos on my Facebook account?

Yes! Not only Facebook, feel free to use it on all social media accounts.

Can I use images without giving any reference?

You can use any image with a CC0 license without the need for reference.

Conclusion on 10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites

If you’re looking for high-quality stock photos for your personal or business work and do not want to pay any money, you are in the right place. These ten websites I mentioned above are great alternatives to find the best image for you to save time. If you want to see more of our compilations, here are some of the best websites you can waste time on the internet.

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