10 Best Free E-Mail Providers

10 Best Free E-Mail Providers

Are you looking for a free and popular service to open a new mail account? The mail services in our article are the best free e-mail providers you can use. Our article will also help you find out which features make these services the best. For example, the spam filter feature is essential for mail services.

Mail services are the best way for small businesses to advertising for free. Advertising mails sent by such businesses fill your inbox. A good spam filter will save you from messing around with this type of mails. Also, some e-mail services provide an ad-free membership for premium members. When choosing a free e-mail provider, you should pay attention to some points. There are a few features that will help you determine which of these services is best for you. These features are:

  • How much e-mail storage space it has
  • How the interface looks
  • Customization options it has
  • Messaging
  • Filters
  • Importing other data

These are the must-have features in one of the best free e-mail provider. You may choose an e-mail service by considering what you need most from these features. There are also different types of features that each e-mail service provides to its users. Let’s examine these features as more on our 10 best free e-mail provider list.

gmail free email service

Gmail – Free E-Mail Service

Gmail is one of the best free e-mail providers. That’s why it is at the top of this list. Gmail is tightly integrated with other Google services. It is also good at blocking spam messages. Some of the great features that Gmail has are as follows:

  • Send and request money with Google Pay.
  • Scheduling e-mails that you will send later.
  • Sending e-mails that have an expiration date.
  • Sending e-mails that recipients can only open with a special code.
  • Convenient interface
  • Many advanced settings
  • Creating filters and labels.
  • Import e-mail from other e-mail accounts.
  • Using the chat and e-mail client.
  • Theme support

Besides all these great features, you may also install add-ons to increase the functionality of Gmail. Gmail offers a massive 15 GB of e-mail storage space via Google Drive, along with other services. This makes it easy for you to share files from your Google account directly in an e-mail. If you send an e-mail by mistake (and catch it on time), you can get it back. You may use advanced search options to find e-mails in your Gmail account.

Outlook Mail

Outlook mail is commonly known as Outlook.com. It is Microsoft’s free mail service with a robust Gmail-like interface. You may change the color scheme of the page very quickly. You may also choose where the reading pane is displayed. It is also very intuitive. To find other options, such as moving or deleting messages from a sender and searching for each e-mail, right-click an e-mail. You may connect directly to Skype with your e-mail. Also, users can enjoy easy access to other free Microsoft services. These services are part of Microsoft Office Online. (Known as office 365)

Yandex Mail

This provider offers free mail service with a 10 GB cloud storage service. Yandex is a company based in Russia that works similar to Google. Iy allows you to access all these services, such as search engine and calendar, using a single login. Yandex Mail interface provides a straightforward layout. Some important features of Yandex Mail are as follows:

  • Supports e-mail filters
  • Import and export contacts
  • Tasks and hotkeys

You may import your files directly from Yandex Disk. You may also send e-mails delayed, as in Gmail. Getting a notification when you send a message is also possible. In fact, if you do not get a response, you may remind them later. If you want to read all your mails in Yandex Mail, you can add other e-mail accounts. This means that you can read e-mails from a Gmail and Yahoo Mail account in Yandex Mail. You may also open free e-mail accounts with your website domain.

yahoo mail

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is one of the best free e-mail providers offered by Yahoo. Each new user gets 1 TB of free storage for e-mail. The compose window is somewhat similar to Gmail when composing new e-mails. However, Yahoo Mail has a useful difference. It is beneficial to switch between inline-image attachments and regular file attachments in Yahoo Mail. That means you can change a file attachment that you will embed in the e-mail. Then easily reverse it to make a file attachment. 

Yahoo Mail is probably the best e-mail service when it comes to alternative identities or aliases. You may also create up to 500 disposable addresses that you linked to your main e-mail address. But, do not include your name or other personal data. This is usually useful if you are signing up for web providers. It also works well if you do not want your regular inbox filled with junk e-mails. If you get too much spam, all you have to do is delete this disposable address.

There are several cool themes available that change the entire background and color scheme of the website. That provides a unique design for the website. Yahoo Mail supports the option to import contacts from a file on your computer. It also supports the option to import contacts from a file from your Facebook, Google, or Outlook account. That makes it easy to transfer contacts from one of the different e-mail providers to Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail has a built-in news reader and notebook. You may switch to these views in seconds and easily return to reading and sending e-mails later. You can link external e-mail accounts to Yahoo Mail. So, you can use a single interface to manage all your mail on services like Gmail and Outlook Mail.

AOL Mail

AOL Mail is another one of the best free e-mail providers. AOL.com has been around for a long time, and you may use it to open a mail account. You may quickly filter your messages to show only unread or read and flagged or unmarked messages. AOL Mail has many advanced settings. Some of them are as follows:

  • Changing the sensitivity of the spam filter.
  • Enabling the reading pane.
  • Blocking posts containing certain words.

AOL Mail supports in-browser voice prompts. There are also several options for these to choose from. This kind of flexibility is not usually found in webmail providers. However, AOL Mail has an exception about this. AOL Mail has a to-do list with the ability to do events directly from e-mails. It also has a calendar. Background changer ensures your e-mails have a beautiful background image. You may import contacts in CSV, TXT, or LDIF file formats.

proton mail

Proton Mail

There is a fundamental difference between Proton Mail and other e-mail services. This mail service focuses on encryption more than others. Nobody except the sender and receiver can read your e-mails in Proton Mail. To send encrypted mail, be sure to click this button before sending the e-mail. Your e-mail is always encrypted unless you send an e-mail to another Proton Mail user. If you choose the encrypt the message, you will have the following options:

  • Proton Mail will destroy the message after the period you specified.
  • You may also set an expiry time so that the message can not be read. (Duration starts from the moment you send the message).

The maximum expiry time is four weeks (28 days). But you may choose for a shorter duration, such as 1-6 days or 1-23 hours, or a combination of both—for example, a day and four hours, or just an hour. If you send the message to a user who is not a Proton Mail user, the message is valid for 28 days. (If you do not define an expiration date).

Recipients who receive the encrypted mail open the message via a link that decrypts it. Recipients display the password in the browser. They may reply to the e-mail they have decrypted over an encrypted channel. Moreover, they don’t even need to have a Proton Mail account for this. Proton Mail has another privacy-related feature. This feature is the link confirmation feature. This feature helps protect against phishing attacks by displaying a popup when you select a link. It also allows you to confirm where it went before going to the site.

Zoho Mail

This mail proider is a free mail service. Zoho, as a whole, is an online package of several applications focused on business use. The first thing you may see about Zoho Mail is how minimal the design is. This is a situation that many people may prefer. When you create a new message, you may quickly switch between the new message and the rest of your mail. You may do this from the little tabs at the top of the page. There are some advantages to being closely linked with some of the other Zoho apps. It is easy to create new notes, tasks, calendar events, contacts, and bookmarks in Zoho Mail. You may customize most of what you see on the page. Zoho Mail supports hotkeys. You may use filters in this e-mail service. You may add a custom domain to the whitelist or blacklist.


Are you looking for a new e-mail service where you can get a free e-mail address? Then you may visit Mail.com. It allows you to choose from more than 200 domain names when creating a new e-mail address. E-mail domain names consist of sections. So it’s easy to find an extension related to specific jobs, hobbies, technology, and music. Some of the best options include:

  • Mail.com
  • Email.com
  • Usa.com
  • Myself.com
  • Post.com
  • Dr.com
  • Techie.com
  • Engineer.com
  • Cheerful.com
  • Writeme.com

Mail.com was put into service in 1995 to provide mail service. Once you have registered on Mail.com and received your mail account login information, you may have a better e-mail experience. It is possible to upgrade to premium for this. A premium account includes the ability to forward your mail to another e-mail address via POP3 / IMAP. 

  • Mail.com has a built-in e-mail filter. 
  • You may access a calendar to keep track of events. 
  • A file storage vault offers up to 2 GB of free space. 
  • File attachments can be up to 30 MB.


This provider works similarly to the Proton Mail service. Tutanota automatically encrypts all your e-mails. However, you may disable end to end encryption if you wish. One of the first things that stands out with this e-mail service is password generation. You will not be able to continue creating your account until you have created a really secure password. Some sites ask you to strengthen your password, but they still accept it. But Tutanota requires a strong password.

  • The web interface is straightforward to use.
  • Tutanota provides beautiful menu transitions that really combine mail folders and e-mail settings.
  • It gives 1 GB of e-mail storage.
  • Tutanota requires a strong password.

10 Minute Mail

If you need an e-mail address immediately and temporarily, 10 Minute Mail is one of the best free e-mail providers. You may register for 10 Minute Mail without having to follow the typical user registration steps. As the name suggests, 10 Minute Mail gives you a valid account for only 10 minutes. Thus, you may give an e-mail address to a site that you suspect will send a spam message. You will receive the incoming mail just like a normal e-mail account. However, there will be no link to your identity. When the time is up, you don’t have to worry about closing the account, deleting an e-mail, or anything else. Just quit or wait for the time to expire.

Bonus: iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is also a service where you can send and receive mail for free. It is one of the best free e-mail providers, especially for Apple devices. You may access iCloud Mail from the mail application on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac computer. Another advantage of iCloud Mail is that you can access it using Microsoft Outlook on your Windows computer. Any changes you make in iCloud Mail are always updated regardless of your devices. To use iCloud Mail, you need to log in with your Apple ID on iCloud.com. 

faq about best free email accounts

FAQ About Best Free E-mail Accounts

Does e-mail services that use encryption also encrypt attachment files?

Yes. The encryption methods used by e-mail services include attachments.

What is the maximum file size limit that you can send in Gmail?

Gmail has a file size limit of 25 MB for attachments.

May I increase the storage limits of free e-mail services?

The only way to do this is to sign up for the premium membership of the e-mail service you have received.

One of my e-mails does not get caught in the spam filter of some e-mail service providers. But the same e-mails get caught in the spam filter of one of the other free e-mail providers. Why is this happening?

The spam filters of each e-mail service provider work differently. In other words, an e-mail that an e-mail service provider perceives as spam may not be detected by another.

Do all e-mail service providers have a mobile application?

Mobile apps are required for you to use your e-mail services more easily and efficiently on your phone. That’s why all e-mail service providers have a mobile app.

Shortly, Best Free E-mail Services

We have shared the best free e-mail providers in our article. There are some important features that an e-mail service should offer to its users. Here are 10 e-mail services that can provide the most suitable features for you. Already a Gmail user? You might want to upgrade your game by switching to one of these best Gmail alternatives.

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