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10 Best Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the world’s most used web browser. There are thousands of add-ons in Google Chrome. Some of these are extremely unnecessary. These are just plugins that slow down your system. But, some are add-ons that really useful for you. These are essentially add-ons that Google Chrome should offer as a feature. We have compiled the 10 best Chrome extensions that will be your favorites by making a nice browse through the Chrome Store for you.

Google Chrome is currently the most used web browser in the world. Chrome browser fast and packed with well-designed essential features. But this is nothing yet. Google Chrome’s main strength is its huge extension library. This huge library allows you to customize Google Chrome and add new functionality. Indeed, there are so many add-ons in Chrome Store that it is difficult to predict which one will work for you. We have put together the best Google Chrome extensions that can save you the trouble and benefit greatly. It is also very simple to use all of the plugins in the list we have created. These plugins offer very useful features for these users:

  • Editors
  • Students
  • Users who hover the internet frequently
  • Casual users

Before talking about the best Chrome extensions in our list, let’s talk about how you can install them to Google Chrome. To install add-ons to Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store.
  • Choose the extension you want to install Google Chrome.
  • Go to the plugin’s page.
  • Click the Add to Chrome button.

It is worth noting that too. You may also create your extension and sell it in Google Chrome’s Web Store. Now, we are ready to talk about the best Chrome extensions.

adblock for youtube

Adblock for YouTube

At number one of our top 10 best Chrome extensions, we have Adblock. Adblock for YouTube is a plugin for those who spend more time on YouTube on the internet. As the name suggests, it is a content filter and ad blocker that blocks ads on YouTube. Thanks to this extension, users may block page elements such as ads from being displayed. You may even block advertisements not only for YouTube but also from YouTube videos shared on other websites.


At number two of our top 10 best Chrome extensions, we have Hoverzoom+. Hoverzoom+ is in 2nd place in our list of the best Chrome extensions. Hoverzoom+ is a useful extension, especially for editors. To use Hoverzoom+ plugin:

  • First, hover the mouse cursor over an image.
  • Then, you may see the original size of the picture without opening any new windows.


  • Brought the mouse cursor over the image and enlarged it.
  • Now, you may directly download the picture by pressing the “S” key on your keyboard.

Print-Friendly & PDF

At number three of our top 10 best Chrome extensions, we have Print Friendly & PDF. This extension is completely student-friendly. The third best Chrome extension is Print Friendly & PDF. This plugin allows you to remove images, advertisements, and all unnecessary elements from the site when you want to print a page. As a result, you will see plain text. Thanks to this plugin, you may also make edits on this page. This extension may be very useful when doing homework.

The Great Suspender

At number four of our top 10 best Chrome extensions, we have The Great Suspender. Let’s take a look at the 4th extension in our list of best Chrome extensions. The Great Suspender is the perfect extension for users who have too many tabs open in Google Chrome. This plugin provides tabs that you have not used for a long time are detected and timed out. In this way, your memory is not wasted unnecessarily. Also, it does not take long for you to reload the web page.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot belongs to 5th place in our list of best Chrome extensions. Thanks to this extension, you may take screenshots of the sites you open in your browser directly. You may also make adjustments such as cropping and drawing on these images. Then, you may save these images wherever you want. Also, share them from the platform you want. This feature is built into Opera. However, you may install it as a plugin in Chrome.

Web of Trust

Now, it is time to take 6th place on our list of the best Chrome extensions. This extension has been around since the very old days. This plugin is as useful as it is old. This extension allows you to see the user ratings of the sites you encounter after searching in the browser. Accordingly, you may understand whether these sites are reliable or not. In this way, you will be as safe as possible from malware.

google translate

Google Translate

7th on our list of best Chrome extensions, there is a familiar tool. This extension makes the familiar Google Translate service much more useful. To use the Google Translate Chrome extension, follow these steps:

  • First, choose a text on a website.
  • Now, you may see the translation of that text in the language you want directly.

Thanks to this plugin, you will see the translation of texts on web pages quickly. You may use this plugin on your computers with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.


In the 8th place on our list of best Chrome extensions, there is a very useful extension. SmartLock is Google Chrome’s built-in password manager. It is a silent and unobtrusive extension when you have a password to save. SmartLock only works with Google products. It securely stores your strong passwords. SmartLock also stores the passwords of other platforms such as social media. This extension works quite well for mobile devices.

Evernote Web Clipper

This extension definitely deserved to be on our list of the best Chrome extensions. Evernote is one of the most robust and accessible note-taking tools you can find. You may record everything you see while browsing websites that interests you. To use this plugin, follow these steps:

  • Trim all or part of a web page (including your e-mails) or highlight text in an article.
  • Then, send it to Evernote Web Clipper
  • Organize them in one of your notebooks.
  • Finally, add a tag to find it later easily.
  • You may highlight the text to remember exactly which parts of the text you save to pay attention to.
save to pocket

Save to Pocket

Finally, we came to the last place on our list of the best Chrome extensions. If you want to read web pages offline later, you are in the correct extension. Save to Pocket clears up clutter and saves the page in a clean, distraction-free way. This plugin helps you collect content from the internet and categorize it. You may access your saved pages from anywhere with this extension. It is possible to access this extension from the desktop and download and use the Android or iOS application. You may download the application of this extension from the Chrome Web app. Its interface is very simple and useful. It will allow you to separate content that has value for you in the internet world.

Bonus Extension: Session Buddy

Last but not least on our top 10 best Chrome extensions, we have Session Buddy. When talking about the best Chrome extensions, it would not be without mentioning Session Buddy. Session Buddy is one of the cool Chrome extensions. You may save and restore browsing sessions through this extension. Many tabs may remain open while browsing the internet. All of these tabs may also be necessary pages for your work. Just at this time, an error may occur on your computer. This crash closes tabs suddenly. This extension keeps all your tabs on the Chrome browser. When this kind of disaster strikes you right in the middle of your work, the extension you need is Session Buddy. Now, you may easily go back and reopen previous browsing tabs.

How to Remove the Extensions in Google Chrome?

We have talked about the best Chrome extensions. But, you may have uploaded the worst of them. Or, it may be that you no longer have a job with a good extension you installed. You may have installed one of the thousands of extensions available in Google Chrome’s extension library. You may have installed an extension like Tab Wrangler and Status Bar, and you no longer need it. Or, you may have installed one of these thousands of plugins that won’t work for you. For these reasons, you may want to remove a Chrome extension. If you want to remove an extension from Google Chrome, all you need to do is just double-click your mouse. First, right-click on the extension you want to uninstall. Then, select the “Remove from Chrome” option from the options.

Shortly, Best Chrome Extensions

As everyone knows, Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. People use this web browser so much that its features alone are not enough when using it. There are thousands of extensions available to assist users with this intense use. However, it isn’t easy to separate which of these extensions are useful. In the list we prepared, we aimed to help you in this regard.

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We also describe how you may install and uninstall these extensions. Hundreds of different extensions will serve the intended use of many users. It is important to make the right choices without getting lost in this huge library of extensions. For this, be sure to check out these extensions. Dozens of more are added to these extensions every day. Did you enjoy this compilation? Luck you, because we have a dozen of them.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Users are limited to having a total of 20 published items at one time.

There is no limit to this. You may upload as many extensions to the Chrome Web Store as you want.

You can not add extensions in incognito or while browsing as a guest.

An extension that you install on your mobile device’s browser is also installed on your computer. When you open Chrome on your computer again, you will see a message that the extension has been installed. If the extension needs some permissions, you will be prompted. Click on the Activate Extension to confirm.

 First, click on the More option at the top right. Then, click on the More Tools. Finally, click on the extensions. Click on the detail option above the extension. You may add or remove a site under the Permissions tab.

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  1. Clark Knowles
    Clark Knowles

    This blog post provides an excellent overview of the top Chrome extensions. It’s easy to understand and provides a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their browsing experience.