Harmful Link Analysis

The backlinks of your website are analyzed one by one. It is detected with harmful relations and sent to you as a text completion.

Competitor Analysis Service

Competitor analysis service is the detection and analysis of competitors with which your website and services compete. Within the scope of your keywords, your competitors are identified, analyzed and reported to you.

Webmaster Registration

Your website is registered to all search engines. In this way, your organic awareness will increase, which will enable you to get traffic on Google, Yandex, Bing search engines.

Google Penalty Recovery

With the Google penalty recovery process, the penalty your website has received is determined, and studies are carried out by SEO experts in order to remove the penalty.

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what is backlink analysis

Backlink analysis is where you can see which sites have links that lead to your site. In addition, you can use backlink analysis to increase your ranking in search engines. If you get backlinks from sites with high domain rank (DR), search engines will perceive your site as higher quality and make you more visible to users. Start your analysis by checking which sites your competitors get backlinks from and steer your strategy to beat your competitors or take advantage of our buy backlinks service.

why should you do backlink analysis

Search engines recognize referral backlinks as a sign of your site's authority. By analyzing the backlink profile, you can see all the sites linking to you and better analyze your site's rank in search engines. In addition, the backlink analysis process also shows the low quality and harmful backlinks directed to your site. Receiving backlinks from spammy sites or unnatural backlinks may result in a Google penalty. But finding and removing these toxic backlinks helps you build site authority.

As we mentioned above, when analyzing backlinks, you should look at your competitors' sites as well as your own. This lets you use the quality backlinks your competitors use and increase your authority.

We summarized everything about backlinks in a colorful document just for your convenience. Click to learn at maximum speed!

Backlink Analysis

how is backlink analysis done

If you want to do a backlink analysis of your site or your competitors, here is how to do it! First, pick the site you want to analyze. The first step in your analysis is to decide which site to analyze. You need to give priority to your own site. Next, analyze your competitors' sites. If you don't know who your competitors are, you can easily find them with a bit of Googling. You can find your closest competitor by searching for your target keywords. Thus, you will be able to analyze your competitors' backlinks and see where and how you can take them over.

The next step is choosing a backlink analysis tool.

what is google harmful link disavow tool

Google Disavow is a tool to report irrelevant, spammy, or toxic backlinks once identified with backlink analysis. This Google Search Console tool should be used by people who know what they are doing on their websites. It may significantly damage your site's search performance even more than harmful backlinks if you remove something in the wrong way. Therefore, as the first step, you need to do a correct backlink analysis or get a good backlink analysis service to detect harmful backlinks.

competitor analysis tool

Competitor Analysis Tool

One of the most simple strategies in SEO is competitor analysis. If you do not analyze your competitors regularly, you cannot create a better strategy. You need to analyze what keywords your competitors are using, what they are writing, and what external SEO resources they are using. After the analysis, you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ websites and act accordingly. The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that competitor analysis service is a must when planning a better SEO strategy. Thanks to our detailed SEO competitor analysis service, you can identify your competitors’ strategies and principles in a report. The analysis report includes keyword analysis, competitor backlink analysis, and competitors’ website analysis. In this way, you can always be one step ahead of your competitors. You can visit our SEO Services page for further information.

webmaster registration

Webmaster Registration

Being the most popular search engine, Google plays an essential role while registering your website. However, just having your site registered with Google is not enough. Having your website registered in other search engines strengthens your website's presence. For example, although Yandex is not considered to be as effective as Google, it offers you a different audience. Or, since Bing receives 1 billion visitors per month, having your website registered there will get you higher traffic. Thanks to our Webmaster Registration Service in all search engines, your can have your website registered with Google, Yandex, and Bing.

google penalty recover

Your website gets penalized by Google if you take action that doesn’t follow Google quality guidelines. Google webspam team manually penalizes your website. In the most general terms, if you violate the Google quality guidelines, your website will encounter this penalty in the most general terms. Google penalty causes a massive drop in your website traffic and ranking, directly damaging your SEO strategy. This is referred to as manual actions and algorithmic actions within the Webmaster Guidelines. To recover from Google Penalty, you should seek professional support. With Google Penalty Recovery Service, you can reinforce your SEO strategy and grow your website traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Backlink analysis is an assessment of the quantity and quality of websites that refer and link to your website. Through backlink analysis, you can both see your backlinks and can evaluate them.

You must consider conducting a backlink analysis mainly because search engines take into consideration that your website is being linked to other web pages.

There are multiple backlink analysis tools available. Some of these tools are completely free, while others offer advantages for premium users.

Unless backlink analysis and strategy done correctly, there would be no harm to your website. That is why it is vital to choose the right service.

Social Media Backlinks are those links that you can enter and find on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram etc. Through getting backlinks on Social Media Platforms you can increase website traffic.

Dofollow backlink is a link search engines can crawl and consider reliable.

Nofollow backlinks are under rel="nofollow tag". As a result, search engine bots do not arrive at the destination of their URLs. However, they are still useful to in terms of SEO.

PDF Backlinks are those links that you can publicly upload to cloud services or other website platforms where you can upload PDF files.

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Buy Backlink Analysis - Clean Toxic Links
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Buy Backlink Analysis - Clean Toxic Links
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I have no

I have no idea how my website is penalized by Google, but unfortunately, it is. I used this penalty recovery service to fix my website. To not experience the same issue, I’ll check my website like my life depends on it!

5512022-04-08Conor Thomson
Conor Thomson
I used the

I used the webmaster registration tool for my website. It’s so affordable, and they have 24/7 customer support to help you with, and they’re so kind.

5512022-04-08Dawid Mackenzie
Dawid Mackenzie
To use the

To use the proper keywords for my website, I used the competitor analysis tool and optimized my page. It helped identify my competitors and provide a better service to my clients.

5512022-04-08Allen Adams
Allen Adams
I was spending

I was spending hours searching and fixing harmful backlinks manually. I found this backlink analysis tool which saved my life. It’s super easy to fix those backlinks now.

5512022-04-08Suzanne Wyatt
Suzanne Wyatt
I told my

I told my friends to search for my website on Google, but none of them could find it. It turns out that I needed to use a webmaster registration tool to get more traffic from search engines. Now everything seems OK, thanks to Instafollowers.

5512022-04-08Sam Page
Sam Page
I like to

I like to be the first person in everything, so I had to do the same in business. First, I checked my competitors with this competitor analysis tool, then changed my SEO strategy according to their report. So far, so great!

5512022-04-08Dexter Bonner
Dexter Bonner
My brother created

My brother created a website for me to use as a photo gallery. However, nobody commented or liked my photos. We later discovered that he needed to register the website using webmaster registration tools which, of course, he didn’t do :) I used the tool, and now people are starting to view my photos. I’m so happy!

5512022-04-08Charlotte Delarosa
Charlotte Delarosa
It turns out

It turns out that my jewelry business website was getting a lot of backlinks from spammy websites. I realized this by doing a backlink analysis. I wasn’t aware of the importance of checking backlinks. I’ll do it more often using this tool.

5512022-04-08Angelica Tran
Angelica Tran
I panicked a

I panicked a lot when I saw a sudden fall in my website traffic. I checked everything but couldn’t find the reason. I was about to lose my mind when I saw this Google penalty recovery service. It identified the problem and solved it in a very short time. Now, everything is all in place again.

5512022-04-08Stanley Conner
Stanley Conner
I’d never heard

I’d never heard of a service called Google Penalty Recovery Service until I was penalized by Google. It’s a disaster seeing your business website falling apart. So I used this service, and they fixed everything for a very reasonable price.

5512022-04-08Martina Khan
Martina Khan
I was so

I was so curious about what my competitors were doing in the market. I found this competitor analysis tool on instafollowers. Now I can see which keywords they’re using so I can smash them into pieces and rank the first.

5512022-04-08Lidia Contreras
Lidia Contreras
I didn’t know

I didn’t know I had so many harmful backlinks from other websites. Thanks to this harmful backlink analysis tool, I can detect irrelevant ones and fix them.

5512022-04-08Sian Mason
Sian Mason

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