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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

Obviously, this is not true. Instagram cannot remove followers or ban you because you have followers.

Yes, as we have stated in the article, we provide a secure environment. We never ask for vital information, and our system is protected by an SSL certificate. 

This is definitely up to you. You can get as many as you want, you don't have to buy them all at once.

It is pretty common because if you buy followers, you will reach your goal in a short time. That is why many personal and business profiles prefer to buy followers.

Buying Instagram followers help you get quicker results. It also helps you get more organic followers since your follower number will be a reference for your project or business development.

Technically, it is not illegal to buy followers. 

Hashtags are a great way to expand your social reach. If you have many followers, your posts can be seen on the Explore page by using appropriate hashtags.

The number of your followers will not decrease and it is guaranteed. We give our promise that we will recompensate all possible decreases for 6 months after the purchase.

That depends on stock conditions and how many followers you wish to get. While typing in the number you want to receive, you will see the estimated time beside it.

Absolutely not. It's not different than asking for a friend to follow your account. No one of our customers came to us with a complaint regarding their account's status on Instagram.

Refunds are possible only when we fail to deliver our promises within the given time. If the estimated time is shorter than three days, this time period will be extended to three working days.

No. There's no public announcement regarding that. Hence, we don't expect the following count to get removed any time soon. Your followers will be visible.

Instagram doesn't let anyone outside of the permitted users see a hidden profile. Therefore, you may understand why we need to have access. You can make your account hidden afterward, though.

Yes! When you have many real and active followers on your profile, it appears like you're a local celebrity, and people notice that. For this reason, a user who has many followers that are legit will attract the attention of potential organic followers.

When you use our services, you pay for no fake Instagram followers! IG followers on our packages are high quality and real accounts are included.

When you're paying for our services, you are guaranteed to receive targeted, real and active followers who will contribute to your visibility and make your payment worth it. Consider us the best place to buy Instagram followers.

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Never thought I'd buy followers, but InstaFollowers made it easy and effective. The followers are real and interact with my posts. Definitely worth it for anyone looking to enhance their Instagram presence.

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Buying followers from InstaFollowers was a game-changer. My profile looks much more credible now, and I've seen a real increase in engagement.

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I recently bought real Instagram followers from InstaFollowers, and I'm impressed with the quality. The followers were added gradually and seem genuine. Great boost for my profile!

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While doing research to buy Instagram followers, I saw your site and bought 1000 followers. The result is great! Thanks guys.

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I needed plenty of followers for my Instagram page and I chose to buy Instagram followers from InstaFollowers. I will recommend you for your quality service!

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First, I wanted to try your site by buying 100 Instagram followers. Thanks for the fast delivery!

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There were many sites to buy Instagram followers and I wanted to give InstaFollowers a chance. I am happy with the result and may consider using your other Instagram services as well.

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Finally, I tried InstaFollowers, one of the most popular sites for buying Instagram followers. What is the result? 4 stars! Thanks guys.

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Instafollowers is a site where I regularly get real Instagram followers. They deliver followers quickly and prices are very affordable.

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I needed to get real Instagram followers for my boutique page and these guys got it done quickly! Message me on Instagram and I'll give you a gift from my boutique page!

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I needed Instagram followers for my boutique page and InstaFollowers helped me a lot. I think it is one of the best sites to get real Instagram followers with its fast services and affordable prices. If I had to buy again, I would prefer InstaFollowers again.

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Robert S.
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